French Irreg Verbs II

  1. Pouvoir
    to be able
  2. I can
    je peux
  3. you (sg) can
    tu peux
  4. he/she can
    il/elle peut
  5. one can
    on peut
  6. we can
    nous pouvons
  7. you (pl) can
    vous pouvez
  8. they can
    ils/elles peuvent
  9. I will be able
    je pourrai
  10. you (sg) will be able
    tu pourras
  11. he/she will be able
    il/elle pourra
  12. one will be able
    on pourra
  13. we will be able
    nous pourrons
  14. you (pl) will be able
    vous pourrez
  15. they will be able
    ils/elles pourront
  16. I was able, could
    je pouvais
  17. you (sg) were able, could
    tu pouvais
  18. he/she was able, could
    il/elle pouvait
  19. one was able, could
    on pouvait
  20. we were able, could
    nous pouvions
  21. you (pl) were able, could
    vous pouviez
  22. they were able, could
    ils/elles pouvaient
  23. vouloir
    to want, wish
  24. I want
    je veux
  25. you (sg) want
    tu veux
  26. he/she wants
    il/elle veut
  27. one wants
    on veut
  28. we want
    nous voulons
  29. you (pl) want
    vous voulez
  30. they want
    ils/elles veulent
  31. I will want
    je voudrai
  32. you (sg) will want
    tu voudras
  33. he/she will want
    il/elle voudra
  34. one will want
    on voudra
  35. we will want
    nous voudrons
  36. you (pl) will want
    vous voudrez
  37. they will want
    ils/elles voudront
  38. I used to want, wanted
    je voulais
  39. you (sg) used to want, wanted
    tu voulais
  40. he/she used to want, wanted
    il/elle voulait
  41. one used to want, wanted
    on voulait
  42. we used to want, wanted
    nous voulions
  43. you (pl) used to want, wanted
    vous vouliez
  44. they used to want, wanted
    ils/elles voulaient
  45. croire
  46. I think
    je crois
  47. you (sg) think
    tu crois
  48. he/she thinks
    il/elle croit
  49. one thinks
    on croit
  50. we think
    nous croyons
  51. you (pl) think
    vous croyez
  52. they think
    ils/elles croient
  53. I will think
    je croirai
  54. you (sg) will think
    tu croiras
  55. he/she will think
    il/elle croira
  56. one will think
    on croira
  57. we will think
    nous croirons
  58. you (pl) will think
    vous croirez
  59. they will think
    ils/elles croiront
  60. I used to think, thought
    je croyais
  61. you (sg) used to think, thought
    tu croyais
  62. he/she used to think, thought
    il/elle croyait
  63. one used to think, thought
    on croyait
  64. we used to think, thought
    nous croyions
  65. you (pl) used to think, thought
    vous croyiez
  66. they used to think, thought
    ils/elles croyaient
  67. devoir
    to have to
  68. I must
    je dois
  69. you (sg) must
    tu dois
  70. he/she must
    il/elle doit
  71. one must
    on doit
  72. we must
    nous devons
  73. you (pl) must
    vous devez
  74. they must
    ils/elles doivent
  75. I will have to
    je devrai
  76. you (sg) will have to
    tu devras
  77. he/she will have to
    il/elle devra
  78. one will have to
    on devra
  79. we will have to
    nous devrons
  80. you (pl) will have to
    vous devrez
  81. they will have to
    ils/elles devront
  82. I used to have to, had to
    je devais
  83. you (sg) used to have to, had to
    tu devais
  84. he/she used to have to
    il/elle devait
  85. one used to have to, had to
    on devait
  86. we used to have to, had to
    nous devions
  87. you (pl) used to have to, had to
    vous deviez
  88. they used to have to, had to
    ils/elles devaient
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