Clin3 Final

  1. What tests for Facet Joint Irritation?
  2. Which test stretches the sciatic nerve?
    Straight Leg Raise with Braggard's Sign
  3. Which direction do you push the SP when testing manual resisted flexion?
  4. What is the end-feel for radial and ulnar deviation?
    tissue stretch- firm
  5. What do you tell the client when performing Valsalva's test?
    Have client sit in a chair and lean forward, supporting themself with their arms. Ask them to bear down as if having a bowel movement.
  6. What is a positive for Finkelstein's test?
    Sharp paiin over radial styloid process as tendons are stretched. Client will want to release position immediately due to pain.
  7. AROM- degrees of flexion in the wrist
  8. AROM- degrees of extension in the wrist
  9. What is a positive test for reverse Phalen's test?
    Nerve pain in the lateral 3.5 digits
  10. What is the condition you are looking for when using the crossover test?
    • Hypermobility of the AC joint
    • Tear or rupture of the AC ligament
  11. AROM for lumbar lateral flexion
  12. What is a positive for the painful arc test?
    Sharp local pain between 60-130 degrees of abduction.
  13. AROM for elbow extension
  14. How do you perform Tinel's tap test?
    • Firmly tap over median nerve at the proximal row of carpal bones (thru the flexor retinaculum) for 30 seconds
    • (tests for CTS)
  15. What is the difference between the tennis elbow and golfers test?
    • Tennis checks lateral epicondyle; golfers checks the medial epicondyle
    • Tennis is resisted wriste extension; golfers is resisted wrist flexion.
  16. AROM lumbar rotation
  17. How do you peform Speed's test?
    Resist shoulder flexion by bracing at forearm; palpate BLH with thumb to located lesion site
  18. Why would you run Finkelstein's test?
    • Suspect tenosynovitis of extensor pollicus brevis and/or abductor pollicus longus (aka de Quervain's Syndrome)
    • Radial side wrist pain, possibly swelling at the lateral wrist, increased pain and weakness over the radial styloid process, pain in the lateral wrist when ulnar deviating wrist
  19. AROM shoulder adduction
  20. What tests would you run if you suspected CTS?
    • Phalen's test (dorsum to dorsum)
    • Reverse Phalen's (palm to palm)
    • Tinel's (tapping medial nerve)
  21. What test would you run if you suspected sciatica?
    Straight Leg Raise with Braggard's Sign
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