skull bones

  1. Frontal bone
    protects the anterior portion of the brain
  2. supraorbital foramen
    • frontal bone
    • supraorbital nerve and artery pass
  3. frontal sinus
    • frontal bone
    • humidifies and cleans air
  4. Temporal bone
    attachment site of cranial muscles
  5. zygomatic process
    • of the temporal bone
    • articulates with temporal process of the zygomatic bone
  6. external auditory metus
    • temporal bone
    • directs soundwaves into the ear
  7. internal auditory metus
    • temporal bone
    • facial and cranial nerves pass
  8. mastoid process
    • temporal bone
    • serves as muscle attachment site for cervical muscles
  9. styloid process
    • of the temporal bone
    • muscle attachment site for toung and neck
  10. stylomastoid foramen
    • temporal bone
    • facial nerves and stylomastoid artery pass
  11. occipital bone
    protects the posterior portion of the brain
  12. foramen magnum
    • occipital bone
    • where medulla oblongata connects with spinal cord
  13. occipital condyles
    • occipital bone
    • articulates with the first cervical vertebrae
  14. parietal bone
    protects the superior portion of the brain
  15. sphenoid bone
    articulates with all other cranial bones
  16. greater wing
    • spheinoid bone
    • holds and supports frontal lobe of brain
  17. lesser wing
    • sphenoid bone
    • supports temporal lobe of brain
  18. optic foramen
    • sphenioid bone
    • optic nerve passes into the eye
  19. superior orbital fissue
    • sphenoid bone
    • cranial nerves and blood vessels pass
  20. sella turcica
    • sphenoid bone
    • protects and hold the pituitary gland
  21. ethmoid bone
    major supporting structure of the nasal cavity
  22. crista galli
    • ethmoid bone
    • membrane separating 2 hemispheres of the brain
  23. cribiform plate
    • ethmoid bone
    • supports anterior portion of the nasal cavity
  24. olfactory formina
    • ethmoid bone-cribiform plate
    • olfactory nerves pass
  25. maxillary bone
    articulates with all other facial bones, except mandible
  26. maxiallry sinus
    • maxillary bone
    • humidifies and cleans air
  27. infraorbital foramen
    • maxillary bone
    • passage way for blood vessels and facial nerves
  28. alveoli
    • holds/supports the teeth
    • mandible/maxillary
  29. mandible
    attachment site for jaw muscles
  30. body
    • mandible
    • attachment ste for jaw muscles
  31. ramus
    • mandible
    • attachment site for aw muscles
  32. coronoid process
    • mandible (front)
    • attachment site for jaw muscles
  33. condylar process
    • mandible (back)
    • articulates with madibular fossa of temporal loe
  34. mental foramen
    • mandible
    • passage way for mental nerves
  35. Nasal bone
    protects entry of the nasal cavity
  36. zygomatic bone
    muscle attachment for cheek muscles
  37. temporal process
    • of the zygomatic bone
    • attachment site for facial muscles
  38. lacramial bone
    attachment site for eye muscles
  39. lacramial fossa
    • lacrimal bone
    • holds lacrimal sac: gathers tears and passes them to the nasal cavity
  40. vomer bone
    divides the nose into left and right
  41. Orbit
    holds and supports the eyeball
  42. zygomatic arch
    attachment site for facial muscles
  43. hyoid bone
    supports the tounge
  44. coronal suture
    unites the frontal and partial bone
  45. sagittal suture
    unites the two parietal bones
  46. sqamosal suture
    unites parietal and temporal bones
  47. anterior fontanel
    • newborn skull
    • provides flexibility of the skul
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