1. Class:
    Endogenous nucleoside (occurs naturally in all cells of the body)
  2. Trade Names:
  3. Description:
    Adenosine is a naturally occurring nucleoside
  4. Actions:
    • 1. Slows conduction through the AV node
    • 2. Interrupts reentry pathways through the AV node and SA node -converting SVT to NSR
    • 3. Depresses automaticity in the SA node
  5. Indications:
    Used in the treatment of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) refractory to vagal maneuvers.
  6. Contraindications:
    • 1. History of sick sinus syndrome
    • 2. Second or third degree block
    • 3. Known hypersensitivity
    • 4.Bronchospasms associated with asthma
  7. Side Effects:
    • Limited to duration of adenosine’s half life
    • 1. SOB / Dyspnea; may cause bronchospasm in asthma patients (BHO).
    • 2. Chest pressure / palpitations; may be acute in some patients for brief period.
    • 3. Mild hypotension (decreased peripheral vascular resistance).
    • 4. Dizzy / lightheadedness /headache
    • 5. Nausea
    • 6. Transient arrhythmias; (bradycardia, AV blocks,
    • ventricular ectopy). These are generally not treated and are quickly self-limiting.
  8. Administration
    Adult: Initial dose 6mg rapid IVP followed by a 20cc saline flush. Refractory to initial dose may repeat X2 with 12mg after 1-2 min.

    Peds: 0.1mg/kg rapid IVP followed by a 2-3mL saline flush. Refractory to initial dose may repeat X1 with 0.2 mg/kg after 1-2 min.
  9. Onset/Duration:
    • Immediate, half-life <10
    • seconds Special Information: (Concentration: 6mg / 2ml)
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