Philo 103

  1. What is an example of morality?
    Kid punches kid to get ball. No matter where we are in the world moral rules are valid universally; inovated consensus
  2. What is an example of social convention?
    Eating with knife and fork the right way. Depending on where you are things are socially acceptable. "China doesn't use knives, so there's no right or wrong way to use a knife and fork
  3. What is an example of personal preference?
    Chocolate should be eaten by itself, no strawberry's just chocolate.
  4. How can you describe morality being revealed?
    Morales are by religion
  5. In the U.S. desires equal?
  6. What kind of morality do we focus on in Philo 103
    Morality being discerned
  7. Identity equals.....
    Moral centrality

    understanding of yourslef of how morale

    • moral self-consistency: try to be conistent
  8. Ideal Self consists of...
    How you would like to act rather than how you really act

    EX. If your ideal self is a family man you would like to spend time with your family wife kids and dog. But it may be different from what you really do.
  9. Habitual self consists of.....
    Responding without thinking

    EX. Hence the word habitual, you do it without having any thought such as the way you tie your shoe.
  10. True self consists of
    Modeled on core values (what is central for you)

    EX.This is what you do dependent on whats most important to you, not to get confused with the way we habitually act, our true self is what we chose.
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