A - Notary Vocab

  1. Abstract
    History of the title to property as revealed by the public records.
  2. Acceleration Clause
    Clause used in an installment note and mortgage which gives the lender the right to demand payment in full upon the happening of a certain event, such as failure to pay an installment by a certain date, change in ownership without the lenders consent, destruction of the property or other event which endangers the security of the loan.
  3. Accessory Contract
    A contract is accessory when it is made to provide security for the performance of an obligation. Suretyship, mortgage, pledge, and other types of security agreements are examples of accessory contracts.
  4. Accession
    Acquiring title to additions or improvements to property as a result of natural growth, labor, the annexation of fixtures or the accretion of alluvial deposits along the banks of streams.
  5. Acknowledged Act
    Any act or instrument in writing signed by the parties in the presence of two witnesses and then taken by the parties or the witnesses before a notary and two witnesses; the original act was signed out of the presence of the notary.
  6. Acknowledgement
    A formal declaration by a party before a notary public in the presence of two witlessness by the person who signs an instrument to the effect that it is his own free and voluntary act done for the purpose therein expressed. The act may be admitted as evidence without any further proof.
  7. Acknowledgement of Paternity
    A formal written declaration whereby a person establishes himself as the natural father of a child.
  8. Acquets and Gains
    A civilian concept referring to the matrimonial regime of community property; Acquets means all things acquired, and gains is the increase in the value of property through the skill or labor of a person, particularly a spouse.
  9. Acquisitive Prescription
    A mode of acquiring ownership of other real rights by uninterrupted possession for a period of time.
  10. Acquittance
    A release, usually in writing, from an obligation.
  11. Act Under Private Signature
    Any act of instrument, in writing, signed by a person or persons not in the presence of a notary, that may or may not be witnessed.
  12. Administrator
    A person appointed by the court as the succession representative to manage the assets and liabilities of an intestate decedent.
  13. Affiant
    One who makes an affidavit.
  14. Affidavit
    A declaration or statement of facts personally known to the affiant reduced in writing and sworn to by the affiant before a notary.
  15. Affidavit of Distinction (Affidavit of Identification)
    An affidavit executed before a notary to establish identification of a person with the same name as another who owes a debt, and then recorded in the mortgage records of the parish where the judgement is recorded.
  16. Agent (Mandatary or Attorney in Fact)
    One who is authorized to act for or represent another principal, usually in business matters, whose authority may be express or implied; a representative.
  17. Agreement
    A contract.
  18. Agreement to sell or buy
    Binding contract to buy or sell in future.
  19. Aleatory contract
    An agreement in which the effects thereof depend on an uncertain event.
  20. Alienate
    To transfer property or a right to the ownership of another, especially by an act of the owner, rather than by inheritance.
  21. Alluvion
    An increase to the land caused by the buildup of deposits from running water.
  22. Antichresis
    A pledge of property when the security given is in immovables. A written contract by wheich the debtor pledges
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