French Irreg Verbs Common

  1. I = Je
    You (sg) =Tu
    He/She = Il/Elle
    We = Nous
    You (pl) =Vous*
    They = Ils/Elles
    * Use for anyone you don't know well or show respect to-if you are a kid talking to other kids or an adult talking to younger kids you generally always use 'tu' . (/strong>
  2. avoir
    to have
  3. I have
  4. you (sg) have
    tu as
  5. he/she/it has
    il/elle a
  6. one has
    on a
  7. we have
    nous avons
  8. you (pl) have
    vous avez
  9. they have
    ils/elles ont
  10. I will have
  11. you (sg) will have
    tu auras
  12. she/he/it will have
    il/elle aura
  13. one will have
    on aura
  14. we will have
    nous aurons
  15. you (pl) will have
    vous aurez
  16. they will have
    ils/elles auront
  17. I had
  18. you (sg) had
    tu avais
  19. he/she/it had
    il/elle avait
  20. one had
    on avait
  21. we had
    nous avions
  22. you (pl) had
    vous aviez
  23. they had
    ils/elles avaient
  24. Être
    to be
  25. I am
    je suis
  26. you (sg) are
    tu es
  27. he/she is
    il/elle est
  28. one is
    on est
  29. we are
    nous sommes
  30. you (pl) are
    vous êtes
  31. they are
    ils/elles sont
  32. I will be
    je serai
  33. you (sg) will be
    tu seras
  34. he/she will be
    il/elle sera
  35. one will be
    on sera
  36. we will be
    nous serons
  37. you (pl) will be
    vous serez
  38. they will be
    ils/elles seront
  39. I was
  40. you (sg) were
    tu étais
  41. he/she was
    il/elle était
  42. one was
    on était
  43. we were
    nous étions
  44. you (pl) were
    vous étiez
  45. they were
    ils/elles étaient
  46. Faire
    To do/make
  47. I do/make
    Je fais
  48. you (sg) do/make
    tu fais
  49. he/she/it does/makes
    il/elle fait
  50. one does/makes
    on fait
  51. we do/make
    nous faisons
  52. you (pl) do/make
    vous faites
  53. they do/make
    ils/elles font
  54. I will do/make
    je ferai
  55. you (sg) will do/make
    tu feras
  56. he/she will do/make
    il/elle fera
  57. one will do/make
    on fera
  58. we will do/make
    nous ferons
  59. you (pl) will do/make
    vous ferez
  60. they will do/make
    ils/elles feront
  61. I was doing/making, did/made
    Je faisais
  62. you (sg) were doing/making, did/made
    tu faisais
  63. he/she/it did/made
    il/elle faisait
  64. one did/made
    on faisait
  65. we were doing/making, did/made
    nous faisions
  66. you (pl) were doing/making, did/made
    vous faisiez
  67. they were doing/making, did/made
    ils/elles faisaient
  68. aller
    to go
  69. I go
    Je vais
  70. you (sg) go
    tu vas
  71. he/she goes
    il/elle va
  72. one goes
    on va
  73. we go
    nous allons
  74. you (pl) go
    vous allez
  75. they go
    ils/elles vont
  76. I will go
  77. you (sg) will go
    tu iras
  78. he/she will go
    il/elle ira
  79. one will go
    on ira
  80. we will go
    nous irons
  81. you (pl) will go
    vous irez
  82. they will go
    ils/elles iront
  83. I was going, went
  84. you (sg) were going, went
    tu allais
  85. he/she was going, went
    il/elle allait
  86. one was going, went
    on allait
  87. we were going, went
    nous allions
  88. you (pl) were going, went
    vous alliez
  89. they were going, went
    ils/elles allaient
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