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  1. Truckers Form
    Created to provide trucker industry coverages needs because BAP excludes businesses that haul goods for others.
  2. Trailer Interchange Coverage
    Legal liability coverage for damage to trailers owned by others caused by a covered peril. Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Cause of Loss.
  3. Morot Carrier Coverage Form
    Alternative to the truckers coverage form, described as an underwriting alternative for some carriers and may provide better coverage for some insureds.
  4. Motor Carrier
    Anyone who transports the property by auto in a commercial enterprise
  5. Trucker
    Someone engaged in the business of transporting property by auto for "hire"
  6. Motor Carrier Act of 1980
    Mandates trucking operators to file proof of pollution liability insurance.
  7. Type 1 freight transport
    For hire transportation of nonhazardous property. Must carry at least $750,000
  8. Type 2 freight transport
    For hire or private transportation of hazardous substances with a min limit of $5 million
  9. Type 3 freight transport
    For hire and private transportation of oil listed as a hazardous substance or any hazardous waste not included in Type 2 with a min limit of $1 million
  10. Endoresment for Morot Carrier Policies of Insurance of Public Liability (MCS-90)
    May be attached to a policy under which the motor carrier is insured against auto liability claims. 35 days notice of cancellation (30 if DOT)
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