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  1. Garage Policy Form
    Covers automobile-type businesses. Separate garage keepers coverage must be added to cover damage to customers' vehicles.
  2. Garage Policy Liability
    Broader than BAP coverage because it includes the Premises/Operations hazard and the Products/Completed Operations hazard
  3. Garage Liability Exclusions
    • 1 - Any water or aircraft
    • 2 - Workers Comp injuries
    • 3 - Liabilities for pollution damage
    • 4 - Loss of use of property if caused by delay/failure of insured to fulfill terms of contract
    • 5 - Claims for product or work recall
    • 6 - Liability for real or personal property in the insured's care
  4. Garage Keeprs Legal Liability
    Coverage for damage to autos of others whlie in the custody of the business for the purpose of repair, servicing, storage or safekeeping. Collision or Comprehensive. Deductibles are per auto w/max per loss.
  5. Bailee coverage
    Protects business for damage to property of their customers. Liability insurance does NOT cover property damage losses to autos in an insured's care
  6. Losses not Covered
    • 1 - Theft by an insider
    • 2 - Contractual liability
    • 3 - Products or work loss
    • 4 - Sound equipment not permanently installed
    • 5 - Riot, racing, etc.
  7. Physical Damage
    "Blanket limit" can be provided to cover the entire inventory. Identical to PAB p.d. coverage. Collision or Comprehensive. Deductibles apply per auto w/max per loss
  8. Drive Other Car Coverage endorsement
    Covers liability of an owner of the business and family members when driving a non-owned vehicle
  9. "False Pretense Coverage" endorsement
    Covers the theft of a vehicle when the dealership voluntarily parts with the property because of a trick or scheme (i.e. someone steals a vehicle while saying they are going to test drive it)
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