Medical Terminology PA class of 2013

  1. adenocarcinomatous
    Pertaining to a malignant tumor originating in glandular epithelium.
  2. Ascites
    Fluid in peritoneum, think of liver disease, heart failure and possible infection, exudate or transudate. Liver disease hypoalbuminemia, fluid retaining, hormones not broken down, lymphatics congested
  3. Apoptosis
    Cell suicide, induced by p53, removal of hormonal stimulus, in immune system or induced by T cells, no inflammation induced, first events are nuclear, cytoplasm remains normal for a while
  4. Atheroma
    Spindle and fat in subintimal regions of arteries, diet, hereditary, hypertension, smoking, arterial narrowing, thrombi, occlusion
  5. Edema
    Fluid in interstitium exudate or transudate, hydrostatic, oncotic, permeability
  6. Embolus
    Moving in blood stream, potential for obstruction, thrombus, tumor, marrow, fat, air. Most go to lung, most likely no harm is done
  7. Exudate
    High protein edema, must be increased permeability (inflammation) or lymphatic compromise
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Medical Terminology PA class of 2013
Medical Terminology PA class of 2013