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  1. a tempo
    return to original tempo after division
  2. accidentals
    symbol used to raise or lower a given pitch by 1 or 2 semi-tones, or to cancel a previous sign or part of key signature
  3. adagio
    slow,leisurely tempo
  4. al fine
    to the end, generally used after a repitition
  5. allargando
    slowing of tempo, usually with increasing vol.; most frequently occurs toward end of piece
  6. allegretto
    slight slower than allegro, often implying lighter texture and character as well
  7. allegro
  8. allegro con spirito
    fast tempo with spirit
  9. amabile
    sweet, loveable
  10. ancora meno mosso
    once more, but a little slower
  11. andante
    rather slow, moderate walking speed
  12. arpeggio
    the notes of a chored played in succession to one another, rather than simultaneously; broken chord
  13. art song
    a composed song in which text, melody, accompaniment are interrelated to create a unified effect
  14. atonal
    music that lacks a tonal center; absence of key
  15. augmented
    raised or enlarged. genreally refers to the raising of a pitch by one half-step
  16. cadenza
    an improvised or written-out ornamental passage performed by a soloist usually near the final cadence
  17. cantabile
    in singing style; singable
  18. catch breath
    a short or partial breath to renew lung supply quickly
  19. chord
    three of more pitches sounded simoultaneously or functioning as if sounding simoultaneously.
  20. chromatic
    motion by half steps; also describes harmony or melody that employs some of the sequential 1 pitches (semi-tones) in an octave
  21. coda
    passage that brings a piece to its conclusion; an ending
  22. concerto
    composition for instruments in which a solo instrument is set against an orchestral ensemble
  23. D.C or Da Capa
    repeat from beginninng of composition
  24. D.S. or Dal Segno
    repeat from sign
  25. diminished
    lowered, or reduced; generally refers to lowering of a pitch chromatically by one half step
  26. diminuendo
    gradually reduce volume, getting softer
  27. divisi
    performers singing the same part are divided to sing different parts
  28. dolce
    sweetly, usually also softly
  29. embellishment
    ornamentation added to music to make it more beautiful or effective, or to demonstrate the abilities of a performer
  30. falsetto
    type of vocal phonation that enable the dinger to sing notes beyong the normaml vocal range
  31. fermatta
    pause or hold
  32. fortessimo
    very loud
  33. forward tone
    focused tone; tone with major frontal resonance of the mouth and vocal mask
  34. grave
    solemn, with dignity
  35. grazioso
  36. gruppo ad lib
    a group of notes played or sung at the will or pleasure of singer
  37. half-step
    a semi-tone. there are 12 half-steps in an octave
  38. harmony
    any collecttion of pictches as they sound simoultaneously, or when pitches are in agreement
  39. interval
    • relationship between two pitches, distance between s
    • am upper and a lower pitch.
  40. key
    pitch relationships that establish a tonal center
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