Physiology Exam1 (part 2)

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  1. /_\E (delta E) =
    Chg in energy of a rxn
  2. 4 Factors that affect rxn direction & rate
    • activation energy barrier
    • law of mass action
    • temp
    • enzymes
  3. Highest energy state of a molec during a rxn (must be reached in order for rxn to continue)
    Transition state
  4. Concept; high concentrations of product cause shift back & vice versa
    Law of Mass Action
  5. Biological catalyst which orients substrates in such a way as to speed up rxn (which decreases activation energy)
  6. Where substrate binds to enzyme, forming an enzyme-substrate complex
    active site
  7. Measure of strength of binding b/w substrate and enzyme
  8. Enzymes with the same function but diff structure
  9. CPK (creatinine phosphokinase) is an isoenzyme which has ___ diff isoforms which are found in diff tissues
  10. Ion or molec required by an enzyme to be active; allow substrate to bind to active site which increases affinity
  11. When a modulator molec increases or decreases affinity by changing enzyme's shape or changing it's active site's shape, but doesn't take place AT the active site
    Allosteric Regulation ("away from active site")
  12. 2 binding sites of enzymes
    • Active site
    • Regulatory site
  13. When an enzyme (B) attaches modulator to enzyme A covalently to chg enzyme A active site, then enzyme (C) breaks covalent bond that was formed, causing enzyme A to go back to normal
    (Method of modulating activity)
    Covalent Regulation
  14. When the presence of a product can inhibit an enzyme in a metabolic pathway
    Feedback inhibition
  15. Enzyme w/slowest rxn rate in a metabolic pathway
    Rate-limiting enzyme
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Physiology Exam1 (part 2)
Physiology Exam1 (part 2)
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