science ch.11

  1. force
    is a push or pull
  2. net force
    The combination of all the forces acting on an object
  3. balanced forces
    Two or more forces exerting on an object
  4. unbalanced forces
    If the net force is not zero, the forces are
  5. Newton's first law of motion
    how an object moves when the net force acting on it is zero.
  6. friction
    the force that brings nearly everything to a stop
  7. Newton's second law of motion
    the acceleration of an object equals the net force divided by the mass and is In the direction of the net force
  8. weight
    the size of the gravitational force exerted on an object.
  9. center of mass
    the point in an object that moves as if all the objects mass were concentrated at that point.
  10. Newtons third law of motion
    forces always act in equal bur opposite pairs.
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