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  1. If there is pain in the anatomical snuff box what bones has been fractured?
    Scaphoid bone
  2. what is the principle function of the shoulder?
    Place the hand in space
  3. I have soft tissue swelling in my upper arm/shoulder?
    Humeral fracture
  4. Bicep area has a round bulge more distal?
    Biceps rupture
  5. what is the diff b/t atrophy and dislocation of the humerous?
    • dislocation: humeral head felt down and inferiorly, flat
    • atrophy: humeral head not felt, flat
  6. Paralyzed serratus anterior and long thoracic nerve injury?
    Winged scapula
  7. Four muscles of the rotator cuff? SITS
    • Supraspinatus
    • Infraspinatous
    • Teres minor
    • Subscapularis
  8. what muscle is generally damaged in rotator cuff injuries?
  9. I have pain in my shoulder as I elevate my hands, local tenderness as well?
    • Impingement syndrome (Tendonitis of Rotator Cuff)
    • ** Supraspinatous muscle is impinged
  10. I cannot abduct my arms?
    • Rotator cuff tear
    • ** Supraspinatous mm torn
  11. What test is performed for impingement syndrome?
    Abduct and rotate
  12. What test is performed for a rotator cuff tear?
    Drop Arm Sign: If they abduct and then try to drop, the arm will drop quickly and uncontrollably
  13. How do you test Supraspinatous?
    Abduct against resistance
  14. How do you test Subscapularis?
    Medial rotation against resistance
  15. How do you test infraspinatous & teres minor?
    Lateral rotation against resistance
  16. I have a dull, aching pain with no tenderness. It is also hard to move my arm?
    Adhesive capsulitis
  17. What joint most commonly is agitated by degenerative arthritis?
    • Acromioclavicular joint
    • ** 10% pain = arthritis
    • ** 90% pain = soft tissue issue
  18. I recently exercised, and I have pain at the bicipital groove in proximal humerus. My shoulder motion is also limited.
    bicipital tenosynovitis (tendonitis)
  19. What is Yergason's sign?
    • Test for bicipital tendonitis
    • ** flex to 90, pronate forearm, grab pts hand and ask them to supinate = pain at bicipital groove
  20. What are four common issues with the elbow?
    • Epicondylitis
    • Olecranon Bursitis
    • Arthritis
    • Trauma
  21. What is another name for lateral epicondylitis?
    Tennis elbow (extension/DF pain)
  22. What is another name for medial epicondylitis?
    Pitcher's/golfer's elbow (flexion pain)
  23. Child is guarding extreminty, has limited ROM, holds elbow flexed with forearm pronated...what is the condition and what ligament is affected?
    • Nursemaids elbow
    • ligament: Anular ligament
  24. Fracture of distal radius
    Colle's fracture
  25. What is the Allen test?
    • occlude radial and ulnar arteries
    • have pt make fist several times and squeeze
    • have pt release fist
    • release pressure over ulnar artery
    • hand should be pink again 3-5 s
  26. what nerve is compressed in carpal tunnel?
    Median nerve at flexor retinaculum
  27. What is Tinel's sign?
    • ** for carpal tunnel
    • Percuss over median nerve and ask the pt if they feel sensation
  28. What is Phalen's test?
    • **for carpal tunnel
    • Hold both hands together while flexed (back to back) for 30-60 s
    • If carpal tunnel, sensation in hands will disappear
  29. extensor tendons of thumb are painful, pain over radial styloid
    Pain is worse with flexion of thumb
    tenosynovitis of the wrist (deQuervain's tenosynovitis)
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