1. What is an era?
    A period of time considered to be dinstinctive
  2. What are the four geologic eras?
    • *Cenozoic
    • *Mesozoic
    • *Paleozoic
    • * Precambrian
  3. Which era is the earliest?
  4. What are two important facts about the precambrian era?
    • *Era of mountain building
    • *Canadian shield formed of the three different kinds of rock
  5. Which era is the ancient?
  6. Name three important facts about paleozoic era?
    • *Sediments from shield deposited from shallow seas
    • *living organisms in seas at first, then insects and amphibians
    • *Plant/forests first appeared
  7. Which era was created in the middle?
  8. Name three important facts about mesozoic era
    • *Pangaea began to break up
    • *Dinosaurs
    • *Plates collided, mountains formed
  9. Which is the most recent
  10. Name four important facts about cenozoic
    • *Ice ages, may not be the last one
    • * age of mammal and humans
    • *Our impact, in a short period of time and has been enormous
  11. What are three kinds of rock
    • *Igneous
    • *Metamorphic
    • *Sedimentary
  12. What is a Igneous Rock
    Hardened molten lava
  13. what is Metamorphic
    Heated/ pressurized Igneous rock
  14. What is sedimentary rock
    Broken down rock
  15. What is Pangaea?
    Pangaea is the name of the continents when they were joined together forming a super continent; Pangaea.
  16. What are the three main parts of the earth?
    • *crust
    • *mantle
    • *core
  17. How many plates is the earth made up of?
  18. What does the movement of the plates cause?
    • *Volcanoes
    • *Earthquakes
    • * mountains
  19. The cracks formed in the earths crust created by earthquakes are called:
  20. Hot rock called _______ may force it's way to the surface.
  21. Magma is called______when above the crust. It builds up layer after layer causing a_____to be formed.
    • 1. Lava
    • 2. mountain
  22. The earths crust can be changed by:
  23. The four main elements of erosion are:
    • *wind
    • *water
    • *rain
    • *ice
  24. Glaciers covered parts of north america ___ million years ago.
  25. What are the three main areas of Canada?
    • Lowland
    • Highland
    • Canadian Shield
  26. What is another name for the Canadian shield?
    Precambrian shield because it was formed in the Precambrian era
  27. Canadian shield has rock which is over___million years old.
  28. What are the two kinds of rock that make up most of this region?
    Igneous and metamorphic
  29. The hudson bay and arctic lowlands are covered by flat____ and some forest.
  30. What kind of rock does it have
  31. Great lakes and st. lawrence lowlands has a______-landscape carved by_______.
    • rolling
    • glaciers
  32. What kind of rock does it have?
  33. What does the shield have a great resource of which gives it another name, what are some of thses metal?
    • Canada's storehouse of metallic metals
    • because contains valuable minerals
    • great quantities
    • lead, gold, nickel, copper, zinc
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