doctrine and covenants

  1. Section regarding the sacrament...anything can be used for the Sacrament
    Section 27
  2. The savior will partake of the sacrament once more...where?
    Adam Ondi Ahman. (Section 27) He will drink of the vine
  3. As stated in section 27, of who is the book of Mormon a record?
    Joseph's people (Ephraim and Manasseh)
  4. What is an elias?
    One who restores something
  5. Who is the Elias spoken of in Section 27?
    Noah (Gabriel)
  6. The loins should be girded up with ____________
  7. The breastplate of ___________________
  8. Feet shod with ________________
    Preparation and Peace
  9. The Helmet of _______________
  10. Section related to Hiram Page and his false revelations
    Section 28
  11. Section about only comes through the head and one cannot receive revelation for someone who has higher authority
    Section 28
  12. This section indicated that there'd be a succession of prophets
    Section 28
  13. In section 28 the Lord told the saints that Zion would be established ______________
    On the border of the Lamanites.
  14. Section about the end of the world
    Section 29
  15. Section uses the imagery of a "Hen gathering her chicks"
    Section 29
  16. Before the Savior can return, where must temples be established?
    Every nation. (Section 29)
  17. The qualities of the "Elect" are
    those who hearken to the savior's voice, who humble themselves and call upon the Lord in mighty prayer
  18. What will happen to the Earth in the end?
    It will not be destroyed and replaced with another one. The Earth is a living thing and will experience a resurrection just as people will
  19. Who holds all the keys to all the kingdoms?
  20. In what glory will the Savior return?
    Terrestrial glory
  21. Section regarding the rebuke of David Whitmer
    Section 30
  22. Why was David Whitmer rebuked?
    For listening to Hiram Page (Section 30)
  23. Who was chastised for having his "mind on the things of the Earth" more than those of spiritual caliber?
    David Whitmer. (Section 30)
  24. What section was a revelation to Thomas B. Marsh?
    Section 31
  25. What position did Thomas B. Marsh have within the Church?
    The physician of the Church
  26. Section most associated with the preaching of the Gospel to the Lamanites
    Section 32
  27. Section about declaring the Gospel
    Section 33
  28. This section speaks of the 11th hour
    Section 33
  29. In this section it speaks of the Lord making crooked paths straight
    Section 33
  30. This section was a revelation to Orson Pratt
    Section 34
  31. Was a 19 year old convert to the Church and would go on to be the most prolific writer for the church in the 19th century
    Orson Pratt
  32. All who accept the Gospel effectively become ___________________ of God
    Sons and Daughters (section 34)
  33. This section is a revelation given to Sidney Rigdon
    Section 35
  34. This man was told he had been sent forth to prepare the way
    Sydney Rigdon (Section 35)
  35. Was a Campbellite Minister before joining the Church of Christ
    Sydney Rigdon (Section 35)
  36. Where was Sydney Rigdon living when the missionaries found him?
    Mentor Ohio
  37. This revelation was given to Edward Partridge
    Section 36
  38. This section contained the call for the Saints to move to Ohio
    Section 37
  39. How long after the organization of the church were the saints urged to move to the Ohio?
    8 months (section 37)
  40. Joseph Smith was told that the move to the Ohio would take precedence over ___________
    Translation of the Bible
  41. What was the main reason the saints were urged to move to Ohio?
    Persecuation of the Church
  42. Before the saints could move to Ohio, they had to wait for something. What was it?>
    Oliver Cowdery to return from his mission
  43. Section associated with Pride and riches
    Section 38
  44. Section containing the phrase "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear"
    Section 38
  45. Section regarding James Covill's being taught the Gospel
    Section 39
  46. Section regarding James Covill's rejection of the church
    Section 40
  47. In this section, the parable that Christ gives of the soils is re-iterated
    Section 40 (about James Covill)
  48. In this section the first Bishop was called
    Section 41
  49. Who was the first Bishop of the church?
    Edward Partirdge
  50. This was the first section received in Ohio
    Section 41
  51. The saints were also promised, in this section, that they'd soon receive the law of God
    Section 41
  52. This section is most associated with the "Laws of the Lord"
    Section 42
  53. Section outlining the church's position on loyal marriage, capitol punishments, predetermined death dates and the admonition of those who gossip
    Section 42
  54. Section regarding Sister Hubble
    Section 43
  55. Saints are warned about being deceived by false prophets and how they can prevent it in this section
    Section 43
  56. What will be a major warning of the savior's coming?
  57. In this section the fourth general conference was held
    Section 44
  58. Where was the 4th general conference held?
    Kirtland Ohio
  59. Section regarding the coming of the Savior
    Section 45
  60. Christ will act as our _________________ at our judgment
  61. Section talks about God's perception of time vs. Mans
    Section 45
  62. Section most associated with the Olivet discourse
    Section 45
  63. Love of men will wax cold, their hearts shall fail them
    Section 45 (when the Savior comes)
  64. Satan shall be bound
    Section 45
  65. Section related to the gifts of the Spirit
    Section 46
  66. Section speaks of nonmembers being welcomed into Sacrament meetings
    Section 46
  67. Every man is given a gift
    Section 46
  68. The gift to believe on ____________
    the testimony of others
  69. the gift to know that _____________
    jesus is the christ
  70. the gift to know the differences ___________
    of administration
  71. the gift to know the ______________
    diversities of operations
  72. the gift of w__________
  73. the gift of k_____________
  74. gift to discern ______________
  75. the gift of t______________
  76. possibly one of the most misunderstood gifts of the Spirit
    the gift of tongues
  77. the bishop is given the gift of
    discerning all the gifts
  78. section related to the importance of church records
    Section 47
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