Welsh Practice 2

  1. Ydw i'n darllen?
    Answer "no"
    Am I reading?

    • Nag wyt, dwyt ti ddim yn darllen.
    • No, you are not reading.
  2. Wyt ti'n canu?
    Answer "no"
    Are you singing?

    • Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn canu.
    • No, I am not singing.
  3. Ydy e'n cysgu?
    Answer "yes"
    Is he singing?

    • Ydy, mae e'n canu.
    • Yes, he is singing.
  4. Ydy hi'n gweithio?
    Answer "no"
    Is she working?

    • Nag ydy, dydy hi ddim yn gweithio.
    • No, she is not working.
  5. Ydy'r plant yn mynd?
    Answer "yes"
    Are the children going?

    Ydyn, mae'r plant yn mynd.
  6. Ydy'r car yn chwarae?
    Answer "no"
    Is the car playing?

    • Nag ydy, dydy'r car ddim yn chwarae.
    • No, the car is not playing.
  7. Ydyn ni'n gweithio?
    Answer "yes"
    Are we working?

    • Ydyn, dyn ni'n gweithio.
    • Yes, we are working.
  8. Ydych chi'n cysgu?
    Answer "no"
    Are you (plural) sleeping?

    • Nag ydyn, dych chi ddim yn cysgu.
    • No, you (plural) are not sleeping.
  9. Ydyn nhw'n siarad?
    Answer "yes"
    Are they speaking?

    • Ydyn, maen nhw'n siarad.
    • Yes, they are speaking.
  10. Ydw i'n mynd?
    Answer "yes"
    Are you going?

    • Wyt, wyt ti'n mynd.
    • Yes, you are going.
  11. Wyt ti'n gweithio?
    Answer "no"
    Are you working?

    • Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn gweithio.
    • No, I am not working.
  12. Ydy e'n chwarae?
    Answer "no"
    Is he playing?

    • Nag ydy, dydy e ddim yn chwarae.
    • No, he is not playing.
  13. Ydy hi'n rhedeg?
    Answer "yes"
    Is she runing?

    • Ydy, mae hi'n rhedeg.
    • Yes, she is running.
  14. Ydy'r plant yn dysgu?
    Answer "no"
    Are the children studying?

    • Nag ydyn, dyn nhw ddim yn dysgu.
    • No, the children are not studying.
  15. Ydy'r car yn cysgu?
    Answer "no"
    Is the car sleeping?

    • Nag ydy, dydy'r car ddim yn cysgu.
    • No, the car is not sleeping.
  16. Ydyn ni'n canu?
    Answer "yes"
    Are we singing?

    • Ydyn, dyn ni'n canu.
    • Yes, we are singing.
  17. Ydych chi'n darllen?
    Answer "no"
    Are you (plural) reading?

    • Nag ydyn, dych chi ddim yn darllen.
    • No, you (plural) are not reading.
  18. Ydyn nhw'n chwarae?
    Answer "yes"
    Are they playing?

    • Ydyn, maen nhw'n chwarae.
    • Yes, they are playing.
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