Forensic Science exam 2

  1. two things to remember when completeing an investigation
    • establish crime scene debreifing team
    • perform final survey of crime scene
  2. Minimum # of photos at crime scene?
  3. How does glass fracture?
    Conchoidally, it breaks easily and ejects small fragments
  4. What do the Conchoidla lines tell us about glass breaking?
    The direction of which it was struck (inside or outside) it is the direction of force.
  5. What are the two fractures of glass
    • Radial- the cracks that radiate out from the source
    • Concentric-the impact circle and cracks around it
  6. You look at glass microscopically for 3 properties, what are they
    Physical, Optical, Elemental
  7. How do you differentiate glass, what method
    Becke line method, with the refractive index
  8. Name the 4 characteristics of hair
    Medulla, Cuticular, Cortex, Pigments
  9. Caucasion hair is typically
    BLD, BRN, BLK, fine to medium coarseness, straight or wavy
  10. African hair is:
    Curly or kinky, mostly BLK or BRN, pigments are large and in clumps
  11. Asian hair is:
    THICK, BLK/BRN, Straight, wide medulla
  12. Fringe Hairs are:
    Not suitable for comparison and are leg/arm hairs
  13. Properties of fibers
    color, fiber twist, thread count, direction, cloth, dye
  14. 5 types of fibers
    • Animal (wool)
    • Vegetable (cotton)
    • Synthetic (polyester)
    • Mineral (glass wool-insulation)
    • Blends of both synthetic and natural fibers
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