Psych I

  1. What is psychology? And what is its goal?
    The purpose of psychology is to give us a copletely different idea of the things we know best.
  2. This approach deals with unconscious dynamics within the individual, such as inner forces.
    a) Psychodynamic
    b) Introspection
    c) Cognitive
    d) Biological

  3. This approach...

    a) Biological
    b) Introspection
    c) Cognitive
    d) Psychodynamic

  4. This approach focuses on the environmental rewards & punishers that maintain or discourage specific behaviors.

    a) Cognitive
    b) Evolutionary
    c) Biological
    d) Behaviorist

    Behaviorist approach

    (Watson, Skinner)
  5. This approach emphasizes what goes on in peoples heads. How people reason, remember, understand language, solve problems, explain experiences, acquir moral standards, & form beleifs.

    a) Cognitive
    b) Behaviorist
    c) Evolutionary
    d) Psychodynamic

  6. This approach is a field of psychology emphasizing evolutionary mechanisms that may help explain human commonalities in cognition, development, emotion, social practices, & other areas of behavior.

    a) Biological
    b) Evolutionary
    c) Behaviorist
    d) Introspection

  7. This approach focuses on how bodily events affect behavior, feelings, & thoughts.

    a) Evolutionary
    b) Psychodynamic
    c) Biological
    d) Cognitive
  8. I conduct laboratory studies of learning, motivation, emotion, sensation & perception, physiology, & cognition.
    I study:

    a) Experimental spychology
    b) Industrial/organizational psychology
    c) clinical/counseling psychology
    d) Developmental psychology
    Experimental psychology
  9. I study psycholoical principles that explain learning & search for ways to improve educational systems. I study:

    a) Developmental psychology
    b) Industrial/organizational...
    c) Educational...
    d) Experimental...
    Educational spychology
  10. I study how people change & grow over time, physically, mentally and socially.
    What area of specialization do I study?
  11. I study behavior in the work place. What kind of psychologist am I?
    Industrial/Organizational psychologist.
  12. If I design and evaluate tests of mental abilities, aptitudes, interests, and personality, what area of specialization do I study?
  13. I want to help people deal with problems of their every day life. I should become a ....what?
    Couneling psychologist.
  14. 'precision, skepticism, reliance on empirical evidence, and willingness to make 'risky predictions'... describes what?
    The ideal scientist.
  15. an organized system of assupmtions & principles that purports to explain a specified set of phenomena & their interrelationships is which scientific method?
  16. an educational guess; hypothesis; testable predictions.
  17. Testing via observations and experiments is...what?
    hypothesis testing
  18. Charictaristics of behavior or experience that can be measured or described by a numeric scale.
  19. What is an independent variabl?
    A variable that an experimenter manipulates.

  20. What is a dependent variable?
    A variable that is predicted to be affected by manipulations of the independent variable.

    dependent variagble= proposed affect.

  21. what is Generalizability?
    When you generalize to whom the result apply.
  22. The degree to which the data accuratly represents the topic being studied.
  23. Which part of the nervous system recieves, processes, interprets, and stores incoming sensory information?

    What does it concist of?
    The central nervous system

    Brain and spinal cord
  24. Which part of the nervous system includes sensory and motor nerves?

    and which part is this?
    the peripheral nervous system

    all portions outside of the brain and spinal cord.
  25. what does the somatic nervous system consist of?
    nerves that are connected to sensory receptors. Cells that enable you to sense the world.
  26. What part of my nervous system would come alive if my heart started punding, my hands got sweaty, or my cheeks felt flushed?
    the autonomic nervous system.

    (subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that regulates the internal organs and glands)
  27. What is the sympathetic nervous system a subdivition of? and what part of the body does it affect?
    Sympathetic nervous system is a subdivistion of the automic nervous system. It mobilizes bodily resources and increases the output of energy during emotion and stress.
  28. What are hormones?
    Chemical substances, secreted by organs called glands, that affect the functioning of other organs.
  29. Which gland is the bodies 'master gland'?

    What does it do?
    the pituitary gland

    releases hormones, and regulates other glands.
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