Ap Human Geo Government

  1. What is Culture?
    the total knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared and passed on by the members of a group
  2. What is a society?
    group that shares a geographic region, sense of identity and culture
  3. Ethnic Group
    group that shares language, customs, and common heritage
  4. How do societies form?
    • individual-one person
    • Family-made up of individuals
    • Clan-made up of families
    • tribe-made up of clans
    • tribes grow until they become a society
  5. basic human needs
    • food
    • water
    • oxygen
    • Shelter and clothing(not actual needs)
  6. invention
    creating something new
  7. innovation
    taking something already made and making it better
  8. Diffusion
    the spreading of goods, ideas, inventions, or patterns of behavior
  9. Cultural hearth
    site of innovation in which ideas, materials, and technology diffuse to many cultures
  10. Acculturation
    when a society changes because it accepts or adopts an innovation
  11. language
    • allows people within a community to communicate
    • --one of the most important aspects of a culture
    • --helps establish cultural identity
    • --can also divide people
  12. language families
    • 3,000-6500 languages exist and they are grouped based on similarities
    • --english, russian, hindi, and greek all came from indo european faminy
  13. Dialects
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