DD303CP Glossary

  1. Empiricism
    • Knowledge comes primarily via sensory experience
    • Emphasises the role of experience and evidence (especially sensory perception) in the formation of ideas.
  2. Rationalism
    • Reason is the source of knowledge or justification
    • Criteron for truth is intellectual and deductive
  3. Epistemology
    • Nature and scope of knowledge
    • 1. What is knowledge?
    • 2. How is knowledge acquired?
    • 3. How do we know what we know?
  4. Syntax
    • Mechanism for arranging words into meaningful sentences
    • (Cathy's definition:-Grammar)
  5. Semantic
  6. Episodic Memory
    • Memory of autobiographical events that can be explicitely stated
    • Has spatio-temporal features
  7. Modus Ponens
    • Common rule of inference
    • Valid, simple argument
    • If p then q. p=true, therefore q must be true
    • -----------------
    • Modus Tollens is related but opposite:
    • If p then q. q=false, therefore p must be false
  8. Logical Validity
    If the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true
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DD303CP Glossary
DD303CP Glossary