1. Airconditioning: With only a few passengers on the aircraft, the pack flow control selector should be set to Lo, why?
    To decrease the bleed air demand from the engines and therefore save fuel
  2. Air Conditioning: on the CABIN PRESS panel with a LDG ELEV set manually, is there still an automatic control of the cabin altitude?
    Yes, SYS1 is still controlling the cabin altitude through the outflow valve.
  3. Air Conditioning/ pressurisation: In the CABIN PRESSURIZATION system, what is the maximum allowable differential pressure?
    8.6 PSI
  4. Communication: You want to speak to the mechanic. He is somehwere around the aircraft but you can't see him. How do you get his attention?
    I use the MECH pb sw on the CALLS panel
  5. Communication: On the RMP control panel, what does a white SEL light mean?
    It is an indication that the VHF used on RMP2 is not the standard one.
  6. Communication: How do you extinguish the white SEL light?
    Pressing the VHF on RMP2
  7. Electrical: You are in an ELECTRICAL EMERGENCY CONFIGURATION, shortly after the fault occured, you notice the red FAULT light on the RAT & EMER GEN pushbutton. How do you interpret this indication?
    The EMERG GEN is not supplying the system
  8. Electrical: The engine driven generators are running at a constant speed, how?
    By a drive mechanism between the generator and ENG gearbox.
  9. Electrical: The electircal system includes two busses: AC ESS BUS and DC ES BUS. In normal configuration, what feeds AC ESS BUS and DC ESS BUS?
    • AC ESS BUS is fed by AC BUS 1
    • DC ESS BUS is fed by DC BUS 1
  10. Electrical: The aircraft has not been electrically supplied for at least 12 hours. To check the battery voltage during the preliminary cockpit preperation, the associated BAT pb sw should be..?
    Switched OFF
  11. Electircal: Following RAT extension due to ELEC EMER CONF, the RAT and EMER GEN FAULT light is illuminated. What does this mean?
    The emergency generator is not connected.
  12. Electrical: In case of ELEC EMER CONF, LAND ASAP in red is displayed on the E/WD. This message will stay...?
    As long as the Red warning ELEC EMER CONF persists
  13. Flight Controls: Which control surface are used for the mechanical backup?
    THS and rudder
  14. Flight controls: In Normal law, what is the maximum bank angle you can reach with the sidestick fully deflected?
    67 degrees
  15. Flight controls: In normal law, is there a maximum pitch attitude?
    yes, indicated by green dashes on the PFD
  16. Flight controls: In normal law, is there a maximum bank angle?
    Yes, indicated by green dashes on the bank angle scale
  17. Flight controls: If the FO presses the take over button, when and how can the captain take over?
    The CPT can reactivate his sidestick immediately by pressing his take over PB.
  18. ECAM: On the ECAM E/WD page the message REFUELG appears in the memo. What does this mean?
    The refueling control panel door is not closed
  19. FUEL: On the ECAM fuel SD page, what does an amber boxed FOB indication mean?
    Not all the fuel on board is useable anymore
  20. Hydraulics: True or false, the normal pressure for the hydraulic system is 2000 psi?
  21. Hydraulics: What is the normal pressure in the hydraulic system?
    3000 psi
  22. Hydraulics: You get a Yellow RSVR LO AIR PR message. The first of the procedure is to switch the PTU off, why?
    You want to avoid the pressurization of the yellow system by the PTU after you switch the ENG2 pump off
  23. ECAM: which color indicates that crew awareness is requiered?
  24. ECAM: which color indicates that immediate action is requiered?
  25. ECAM: Which color indicates normal condition?
  26. ECAM: On the ECAM SD page, what does an advisory message mean?
    The parameter is about the reach a limit
  27. ECAM: On the ECAM E/WD page, after engine shutdown, you observe a pulsing STS message. What does it mean?
    It is an indication that an aircrfat system requieres maintenance attention.
  28. ECAM: On the ECAM STATUS page, what does a CANCELLED CAUTION mean?
    The failure message has been previously cancelled with the EMER CANC PB
  29. RECORDING: When is the DFDR automatically energized?
    For 5 minutes after the initial power on and then after the first engine start
  30. RECORDING: When a DFDR fault occurs, it will be signaled by?
    A Maintenance message in the status page
  31. EFIS: Is it possible to change the baro reference display from Hpa to Inches of Mercury and vice versa?
    Yes, by rotating the outer scale of baro reference selector on the EFIS panel
  32. ECAM: What is the meaning of the two triangles, appearing below each gear, on the WHEEL ECAM page?
    There are two computers providing information on the gear position. Each triangle represents the position detected by its associated computer.
  33. Lights: on the EXT LT panel, the strobe light selector is set to AUTO. In this position, when do they stop flashing?
    When the aircraft touches down
  34. Weather radar: What is the meaning of the magenta color of some returns on the radar?
  35. Fire protection: What is the normal APU fire extinguisher overpressure indication, and how do you interpret it?
    A red disc which means the APU fire EXTING BOTTLE has not been discharged overboard.
  36. APU: The APU provides what on the ground and in flight?
    • Ground: Bleed air for engine start
    • Flight and ground: electric power and bleed air for air conditioning
  37. Engines: You are about to perform a takeoff. You don't have inserted a flex temperature. Which thrust lever detent shall be used for takeoff?
  38. Engines: You are performing a Takeoff with the thrust levers in the FLEX position. Is A/THR now active?
  39. Engines: You are performing a Takeoff with the thrust levers in the FLEX position. When does A/THR become active?
    As soon as the thrust levers are pulled back into the CLIMB position
  40. ECAM: On the ECAM E/WD, with the thrust levers reverser to the reverse position. What does a green REV indication mean?
    The reversers are fully deployed
  41. Engines: What is the meaning of an amber FAULT light on the ENG panel?
    It indicates a failure in the automatic start sequence
  42. Engines: During a manual start, what is the role of the FADEC?
    it has a passive monitoring role, the crew has to monitor the start carefully to take corrective actions in case of malfunctions
  43. Engines: Which step of manual start is taken over by the FADEC?
    Ignition cut-out
  44. Autoflight: In dual mode of operation, one FMGC is the master. How is the master FMGC determined?
    It is the FMGC corresponding to the AP engaged or FMGC1 when both AP are engaged
  45. Autoflight: With all engines operative and E/THR armed, how does a pilot activate the autothrust?
    The autothrust will become active when the pilot sets the thrust levers in the climb detent
  46. MCDU: As soon as a CO RTE or CITY PAIR is enetered in the INIT A page, the displayed coordinates are:
    The airport reference point position
  47. Autoflight: On the climb flight path, 2 engines running, the SRS provides a pitch attitude to maintain?
  48. MCDU: What is the meaning of the message 'OPP FMGC IN PROCESS' on the scratchpad on MCDU1?
    The FMGC2 is now master
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