anatomy 14

  1. location of intervertebral discs
    between the vertebra of the vertebral collumn
  2. importance of intevertabral disks
    absorb shock
  3. intevertebral disk anatomy
    • outter ring of anulous fibrosis
    • inside nucleus pulpus : absorbs shock, provides strength.
  4. herniated disc
    due to abnormal stress, fibrocartilage weakens and ruptures allowing an extrusion of the nuculus pulposis material into vertebral canal.
  5. consequences of a herniated disk
    • incredible pain
    • inflammation of spinal cord and nerve root damage resulting in peralisis.
  6. arthritis
    • inflammation of a joint due to
    • instability, trauma, old age, infection, or autoimmune disorder.
    • osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, rhematoid arthritis, septic arthritis
  7. osteoarthritis
    • primarily in elderly
    • causes: inactivity and obesity
  8. gout
    unable to process amino acids so they are converted into uric acid that cristilizes joints
  9. rhematoid arthritis
    autoimmune disorder
  10. septic arthitis
    due to infections
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