5th Grade Vocabulary

  1. Atlantic Ocean
    one of the earth's four largest bodies of water
  2. supportive
    to keep something going
  3. frequent
    happening often
  4. adventure
    an action involving unknown or extraordinary dangers
  5. encourage
    to give support; to inspire
  6. choreography
    the art of arranging dances, especially for ballet
  7. internship
    an advanced student in a special field who is gaining supervised practical experience
  8. organization
    the act or process of organizing
  9. assert
    to state clearly and strongly
  10. engineering
    the science of planning, building using nature's power and resources in ways that are useful to people (roads, bridges, dams)
  11. cooperation
    the act of working together to get something done
  12. environment
    the act of working together to get something done
  13. familiar
    closely acquainted
  14. medicine
    a substance or preparation used in treating a disease
  15. challenge
    to invite or dare to take part in a contest
  16. concoction
    A concoction is a mix of different things, often one put together without much planning.

    In science class, we put together a concoction of white glue, food coloring, and rock salt to make objects that represented precious stones.
  17. absentminded
    Someone who is absentminded forgets things easily.

    Naomi thought Pedro was absentminded because he forgot to order food for the party.

    syn. - forgetful
  18. amends
    When you amend something, you make positive changes, such as amending a shopping list or a recipe.

    After forgetting to invite Latifa to her party, Amal amends her mistake by inviting Latifa to a sleepover.

    syn. - corrects
  19. dismayed
    When you are dismayed, you are upset about something and unsure of how to deal with it.

    Eduwardo's sisters were dismayed when he refused to let them ride on his new bike.

    syn. - upset
  20. aghast
    If you are aghast, you feel shocked and disgusted about something.

    Keisha was aghast at her friend's rude behavior.

    syn. - appalled
  21. inadequate
    Something that is inadequate is not as good or as large as it needs to be.

    The number of pancakes the chef had prepared was inadequated for the huge breakfast crowd.

    syn. - insufficient
  22. disgruntled
    If you are disgruntled, you are unhappy because things have not turned out the way you wanted.

    The worker was disgruntled and wanted a better job.

    syn. - unhappy
  23. modest
    A modest person does not brag or show off.

    Hardly anyone knew that Sally had shown her paintings in several art galleries because she was so modest about her talent.

    syn. - humble
  24. charity
    Charity is showing kindness by giving money or gifts to organizations that need them.

    She shows charity by giving some of her allowance to the Animal Recue League.

    syn. - goodwill
  25. eminent
    An eminent person is well known and important.

    The eminent doctor developed a number of procedures for saving lives.

    syns. - renowned, famous
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