Nursing of Adults Module II

  1. What is a total hysterectomy?
    • Uterus and cervix are removed.
    • -Vaginal
    • -Abdominal
    • -Laparoscopic
  2. What is a subtotal hysterectomy?
    • Uterus only (not cervix) is removed
    • - procedure rarely performed
  3. What is a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy?
    Fallopian tubes and ovaries removed
  4. What is a panhysterectomy?
    • Total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
    • - uterus and cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are removed abdominally.
  5. What is a radical hysterectomy?
    All of the uterus is removed abdominally. The lymph nodes, the upper third of the vagina, and the surrounding tissues (parametrium) are removed.
  6. What is Bartholin's Gland?
    Disorder of the vulva
  7. What is the cause of Bartholin Gland (Bartholin Cyst)?
    • -Results from obstruction of the duct of the gland. The secretory function of the gland continues and the fluid fills the obstructed duct.
    • -Main causes of the obstruction are infection, thickened mucis near the ductal opening, or trauma such as lacerations or episiotomy.
    • -If Asymptomatic- no intervention. Cyst will usually rupture spontaneously withing 72 hours.
  8. Symptoms of Bartholin's Gland (cyst)?
    Dyspareunia, inadequate enital lubrication, swelling in the perineal area (posterior portion of the vulva)
  9. Treatment for Barthlin's Gland (Cyst)?
    Depending on cause of cyst: antibiotics, warm compress, simple incision and drainage, Marsupialiation (formation of a new pouch that is a new duct opening), biopsy in women over 40, removal if cancerous.
  10. When the bladder bulges throught the vaginal wall
  11. What are symptoms of Cystocele?
    Stress incontinence, difficulty emptying bladder and UTIs
  12. Cystocele Diagnosing?
    DX: Pelvic Exam, cystography, residual urine measurement, Radiographic imaging
  13. Cystocele Surgeries?
    Anterior Colporrhaphy (repair)- tightens the pelvic muscles for better bladder support. Vaginal Surgical approach
  14. When the rectum protrudes through a weakened vaginal wall.
  15. Symptoms of Rectocele?
    Constipations, hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, and feelings of rectal or vaginal fullness.
  16. Rectole Diagnosing
    DX: vaginal and rectal examination may show buldge
  17. Rectocele surgery
    Posterior Colporrhaphy (repair)- reduces rectal bulging.

    *If pt. has Cystocele and rectocele then anterior and posterior repair done.
  18. Tumors that grow on the surface of ovaries. Grow in response to excessive exposure to estrogen.
    • Ovarian Cancers
    • -
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