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  1. Assessement methods
    • selected- response tests
    • supply- response tests
    • restricted- response performance assessments
    • extended- response performance assessments
  2. Effective Assessment Requires
    • fair procedure for everyone
    • specifying the criteria for judging successfu performance
    • feedback that emphasizes strengths and weaknesses of performance
    • a comprehensive grading and reporting system
  3. feedback should
    • be given immediately following assessment
    • be detailed and understandable to students
    • focus on both successes and errors
    • provide remedial suggestions for correcting errors
    • be positive and provide a guide for improving performance and self assessment
  4. Methods of Interpretation
    • Norm- Refernced
    • Criterion- Referenced
  5. Norm- Refernced
    • Provides a relative ranking of students
    • bell curve
  6. Criterion- Referenced
    • Provides a description of the learning tasks a student can and can't perform
    • measurement to specific objectives
  7. Course instructional Methods
    • modeling
    • think aloud
    • lecture/ discussion
    • write/edit/conference
    • students products
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