Sociological Theory

  1. Major forces that gave rise to the discipline of sociology
    Enlightenment, feminism, Industrial Revolution, socialism
  2. Comte's 2 branches od Sociology
    social dynamics and social statics
  3. Comte's 3 stages of social evolution
    Theological, metaphsical, and postivism
  4. Comte used _____ methodology
    Scientific Method
  5. Social Facts should be treated as
  6. mechanical solidarity
    has repressive laws, the group rules no diviation hunter gatherers sameness
  7. Organic solidarity
    Division of labor holds society together
  8. 4 types of sucide
    egotistic, anomic, altruistic, fatalistic
  9. Social order
    social order is held together by commonly shared values and norms
  10. how did durkhiem separate soc. from philosphy and psyc
    what is and what ought to be
  11. division of labor
    organic solidarity
  12. The individual vs society
    Durkhiem put more emphasis on the society than the individual. he thought individual would corrupt society bc they were selfish
  13. social intergration and sucide
    the higher the social intg. the lower the rate, the lower the intg. the higher the rate. inverse.
  14. society as Sui Generis
    society as an independent existence. more important than the individual
  15. 4 types of alienation
    alienation from work, from product, from socializing, from human potential
  16. class conflict
    differences in interests creates conflict
  17. haves & have nots
    capatalist class and working class
  18. bourgeois and proletariat
    capatalist class and working class
  19. commodities
    objects that are made by humans in order to survive
  20. use value, exchange value and barter
    c-m-c, m-c-m, c-c
  21. marx def of social class
    class is defined by means of production
  22. base vs superstructure
    base is economic factors and who ever controls thebase controls the superstructures. (religion, education, legal system, political system, etc)
  23. marx view of religion
    "the opium of the people"
  24. classless society
  25. means of production
    land, factories, mines
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