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    • What is a heterogeneous mixture?

    A mixture in which you can see two or more distinct components.
  1. Not evenly mixed.
  2. Seperate samples from a heterogeneous mixture can have different amounts of components.
  3. What is a homogeneous mixture?
    A mixture with two or more components that are indistinguisable from one another.

    Evenly mixed.

    Separate samples of a homogeneous mixture should have the same amount of the same components.
  4. What is a mixture?
    Matter that can have different proportions of its ingredients.

    Salt water can bave lots of salt and a little water or a little salt and lots of water and still be salt water.
  5. What is a chemical substance?
    Matter that has only one possible composition.

    Like water. It can -only- be H2O.
  6. What is a compound?
    Any chemical substance that can be made by combining two or more -other- substances.
  7. What is group 1a of the periodic table referred to as?
    Alkali metals.
  8. What is group 2a of the peridic table referred to as?
    Alkaline earth metals.
  9. What are elements in group 7a referred to as?
  10. What is an atom?
    The smallest possible particle of any substance.
  11. What are the subatomic particles?
    Protons, neutrons, and electrons.
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