history 12

  1. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
    effort to modernize very poor region (most of Tennessee),
  2. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA),
    raised farm prices by cutting total farm output of major crops and livestock
  3. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA),
    industries set up codes to reduce unfair competition, raise wages and prices
  4. Public Works Administration (PWA),
    built large public works projects; used private contractors
  5. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    insures deposits in banks in order to restore public confidence in banks
  6. Civil Works Administration (CWA),
    provided temporary jobs to millions of unemployed
  7. National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
    set up National Labor Relations Board to supervise labor-management relations
  8. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC),
    Insures crops and livestock against loss of production or revenue
  9. Securities Act of 1933, created the SEC
    codified standards for sale and purchase of stock
  10. world war 1 started because
    assiacinated archduke ferdinand and his wife
  11. alvin york congressional medal of honor
    • killed 22 men and captured 132
    • was 5'7" 135 lbs.
  12. 18th amendment= alcohol prohibition
    19th amendment = womens right to vote
  13. hindenberd was leader of brown shirts
    hitler killed him
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