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  1. Abrasion
    Injury to the integrity of the skin resulting in skin loss
  2. Abrupt
    Describes a sudden change that occurs without warning
  3. Abscess
    Pus forming a pocket
  4. Abstain
    The deliberate effort to refrain from an action, such as drinking alcohol or eating junk food
  5. Acapnia
    Low level of carbon dioxide in the blood
  6. Acne
    Inflammation of the skin related to glands and hair
  7. Adenoiditis
    Inflammation of the adenoids
  8. Adhere
    The process of binding one thing to another using glue, tape, or another agent; refers to the action of maintaining loyalty or support
  9. Adverse
    In a contrary fashion; can cause harm; may also refer to something that is in opposition to one's interest
  10. Alopecia
    Bald condition
  11. Amenorrhea
    No menstrual discharge
  12. Annual
    The duration of a single year; an occurrence that takes place once each year
  13. Anorchism
    Absence of testis
  14. Anoxia
    Deficiency of oxygen
  15. Anterior
    Frontal position
  16. Anteroposterior
    Frontal to back positioning
  17. Anuria
    No urine production
  18. Aphonia
    No voice
  19. Apnea
    Not breathing
  20. Apply
    To put something into use
  21. Atelectasis
    Abnormal expansion of a lung
  22. Audible
    Capable of being heard
  23. Azoturia
    Elevated and excessive level of nitrogen substrates and urea in the urine
  24. Balanitis
    Inflammation of the penis
  25. Balanorrhea
    Elevated discharge of the penis
  26. Bilateral
    Having two sides; may refer to something that affects both sides of the human body
  27. Biopsy
    Removal of tissue for evaluation purposes
  28. Bronchogram
    X-ray of the bronchi
  29. Bronchography
    The taking of the bronchi X-ray
  30. Carbuncle
    Skin disease associated with boils
  31. Carcinogen
    Cancer causing agent
  32. Carcinoma
    Malignant tumor
  33. Caudal
    Related to tail position
  34. Cease
    To bring about a gradual end; refers to something that dies out or becomes extinct
  35. Cellulitis
    Inflammation of connective tissue, associated with infection and fever
  36. Cephalic
    Related to head position
  37. Cervicectomy
    Removal of the cervix
  38. Cicatrix
  39. Colpoplasty
    Repair of the vagina
  40. Colposcope
    Device used to explore the vagina and cervix with visual examination
  41. Compensatory
    An equivalent; the action of making a payment that serves as a counterbalance for another action
  42. Comply
    To carry out the wishes of another person; to perform in the manner prescribed by law
  43. Concave
    A surface that is rounded inward like a bowl; surface that is arched or curved
  44. Concise
    Straightforward and to the point; absent of all excessive detail
  45. Consistency
    The agreement of each of the parts that constitute a whole
  46. Constrict
    To make something narrow by squeezing or compressing
  47. Contingent
    Something that may happen; may also refer to something that is dependent upon or conditioned by something else
  48. Contour
    The line that represents the shape of a curvy figure
  49. Contraindiction
    The presence of a symptom or condition that will make a specific treatment inadvisable
  50. Contusion
    Bruising of tissue with no loss of skin integrity
  51. Cyanosis
    Bluish color of the skin related to poor blood supply
  52. Cystogram
    X-ray of the bladder
  53. Cystoscope
    Device used for inspection of the bladder
  54. Cystoscopy
    Examination of the bladder by vision
  55. Cytogenic
    Related to the creation of cells
  56. Cytoid
    Similar to a cell
  57. Cytology
    Study of cellular biology
  58. Cytoplasm
    Element inside the cell
  59. Debridement
    Removal of necrotic tissue from a wound
  60. Decubitus Ulcer
    Wound related to a bedsore
  61. Deficit
    A lack in a amount of quality of something, such as money or rainfall
  62. Depress
    To press down; the lessening of activity or strength; an action in which something moves to a lower position
  63. Depth
    A quality of being complete and thorough
  64. Dermatitis
    Inflammation of the dermis
  65. Dermatoconisis
    Aberrant condition of the epidermis created by dust
  66. Dermatofibroma
    Skin tumor caused by fibrous cells
  67. Dermatologist
    Doctor that focuses on skin condition/ treatment
  68. Dermatology
    Study of skin
  69. Dermatome
    Surgical device for skin surgery
  70. Dermatoplasty
    Surgery involving the skin
  71. Deteriorating
    To make inferior in quality; to diminish in function or condition
  72. Diagnosis
    Determining the dysfunction/disease
  73. Diameter
    The length of a line that passes through the body of an object
  74. Dilate
    To enlarge, extend, or widen; to become wide like the pupil of the eye
  75. Dilute
    To make a substance thinner or less potent; diminish in flavor or intensity
  76. Discrete
    A separate entity; unique and separate from other things
  77. Distal
    Away from a point of orgin
  78. Distended
    Something that has been enlarged by the force of internal pressure
  79. Distinct
    Something that the eye or mind can easily separate from something else; something that is notable in its difference from other things
  80. Dorsal
    Related to rear position
  81. Dyspareunia
    Painful sexual intercourse
  82. Dysphonia
    Trouble with speaking
  83. Dysplasia
    Aberrant development
  84. Dyspnea
    Breathing complications
  85. Dysuria
    Painful urination
  86. Elevate
    To lift or make something higher; to lift in rank or title
  87. Endogenous
    The growth from a deep tissue; refers to conditions that arise from factors that are internal to an organism
  88. Endoscopy
    Inspection of a body cavity with visual examination
  89. Enuresis
    Uncontrollable urination
  90. Epidermal
    Related to the skin
  91. Epididymitis
    Inflammation of the the epididymis
  92. Epithelial
    Related to epithelium tissue
  93. Epithelioma
    Tumor made of skin cells
  94. Erythema
    Redness in a appearance
  95. Erythrocyte
    Red blood cell
  96. Erythrocytosis
    Elevated red blood cell count
  97. Erythroderma
    Redness of the skin
  98. Etiology
    Study of disease relationships/ orgin
  99. Eupnea
    Normal breathing
  100. Exacerbate
    To cause something to become more intense in nature; especially an increase in violence or severity
  101. Excess
    Surpassing usual limitations; unnecessary indulgence
  102. Exogenous
    The growth from superficial or shallow tissue; refers to conditions caused by factors that are external to an organism
  103. Expand
    To open or unfold; refers to an increase in number, size, or scope; may refer to the expression of an idea greater than depth
  104. Exposure
    Being subject to a condition or influence; making a secret fact known publicly
  105. External
    Being outside the human body; existing outside the confines of a specific space or institution
  106. Fatal
    something that may cause death: relating to fate or proceeding in a manner that follows a fixed sequence of events
  107. Fatigue
    The state of tiredness brought on by labor, exertion, or stress, the tendency of a specified material to break under stress
  108. Fibroma
    Tumor made of fibrous cells
  109. Fibrosarcoma
    Malignant tumor made of fibrous cells
  110. Fissure
    Crack in the skins integrity
  111. Flaccid
    The state of not being firm; lacking vigor, force, or youthful firmness
  112. Flush
    To chase from a place of concealment; forcing one substance out of a space by introducing another substance
  113. Gaping
    Something that is wide open and exposed
  114. Gender
    The behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that are associated with a specific sex
  115. Hepatosalpinx
    Fallopian tube with blood present
  116. Hidradenitis
    Inflammation of sweat glands
  117. Histology
    Study of tissues in nature
  118. HIV
    Retrovirus that causes aids
  119. Hydration
    The taking up of elements with the aid of water; the constant supply of water or fluids
  120. Hydrosalpinx
    Water in the fallopian tube
  121. Hygiene
    The science of health-inducing practices; the condition or practice of activities that can maintain physical health
  122. Hymenectomy
    Removal of the hypmen
  123. Hyperplasia
    Elevated number of cells
  124. Hypocapnia
    Decreased level of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream
  125. Hypodermic
    Related to underneath the skin
  126. hypoplasia
    Decreased number of cells required for normal organ development
  127. Hypoxemia
    limited oxygen in the bloodstream
  128. Hysteropexy
    Fixation of the uterus
  129. Iatrology
    Study of medicine
  130. impaired
    A condition in which one cannot perform or function properly; often refers to a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  131. Impending
    Hanging over head threateningly; bound to occur in the near future
  132. Incidence
    The arrival of something at a surface; something that occurs or affects something else induration-firm point or points, possibly in the periwound erea
  133. Inferior
    Below a point of origin
  134. Inflamed
    To incite an intensely emotion state;also refers to something that has been set on fire
  135. Ingest
    To take into ones mouth for digestion
  136. Initiate
    To cause something to begin or to set events in motion; as initiation can also refer to the process through which a person is allowed entry into a club or organization
  137. Insidious
    Something or someone that is enticing but dangerous; slow- developing dangerousness
  138. Intact
    Something that remains whole or untouched by destructive forces;having no relevent part removed or altered
  139. Internal
    Things inside the body or the mind; something that exist within the limits and confines of something else
  140. Invasive
    Tending to spread or infringe upon something; may also refer to something that will enter the human body
  141. Karyocyte
    Cellular unit with a nucleus
  142. Keloid
    Scar tissue that has exhibited excessive growth
  143. Keratogenic
    Creation of horny like tissue appearance
  144. Labile
    Unstable; constantly undergoing a chemical or physical change or breakdown
  145. Laceration
    Wound with irregular borders, knife like appearance
  146. Latent
    Not presently active but with the potential to become active
  147. Lateral
    Opposite of medial, related to point of origin
  148. Leiodermia
    Smooth skin
  149. Leiomyoma
    Tumor made of smooth muscle cells
  150. Leiomyosarcoma
    Malignant tumor made of smooth muscle cells
  151. Lethargic
    Sluggish, indifferent, or apathetic
  152. Leukocyte
    White blood cell
  153. Leukocytosis
    Elevated white blood cell count
  154. Lipoid
    Fat like substance
  155. Lipoma
    Tumor composed of fat
  156. Liposarcoma
    Malignant tumor made of fat cells
  157. Lithotripsy
    Crushing of a stone
  158. Lumbar
    Lower back region
  159. Mammogram
    X-ray of the breast
  160. Mammoplasty
    Repair of the breast
  161. Mammotome
    Device used to cut breast tissue
  162. Manifestation
    The act of becoming outwardly visible; can refer to the occult phenomenon of a supernatural materialization
  163. Mastitis
    Inflammation of breast tissue
  164. Mastectomy
    Removal of a breast
  165. Mastoptosis
    Drooping breast
  166. Menarche
    Start of menstruation
  167. Menometrorrhagia
    Flow of blood during menstruation, and between cycles
  168. Melanocarcinoma
    Malignant black tumor
  169. Melanoma
    Tumor of the epithelial tissue
  170. Metastasis
    Progression of a disease between organs, uncontrollable
  171. Metrorrhea
    Uterus discharge that is excessive
  172. Micturate
    Voiding or urination
  173. Myometritis
    Inflammation of the uterine tissue
  174. Myopathy
    Muscular disease
  175. Necrosis
    Cellular death, often resulting in black, dead tissue
  176. Neopathy
    New-sprung disease
  177. Nephrectomy
    Removal of the kidney
  178. Nephrogram
    X-ray of the kidney
  179. Nephrolysis
    Kidney separation
  180. Nephropexy
    Fixation of the kidney
  181. Nephroma
    Kidney tumor
  182. Nephromegaly
    Kidney enlargement
  183. Nephroptosis
    Sagging kidney
  184. Nephrostomy
    Creating an opening to the kidney
  185. Neuroma
    Tumor involving nerves
  186. Nocturia
    Urination at night
  187. Nutrient
    Something that provides nourishment
  188. Occulded
    Closed or blocked off
  189. Oligomenorrhea
    Limited menstrual discharge
  190. Ominous
    Exhibiting an omen; refers to something evil or disastrous that appears likely to occur
  191. Oncology
    Study of tumor like tissue
  192. Onychectomy
    Removal of a nail
  193. Onychomycosis
    Fungal condition in the nail
  194. Onychophagia
    Eating your nails
  195. Onychoprytosis
    Ingrown nail
  196. Oophorectomy
    Removal of an ovary
  197. Oophoritis
    Inflammation of the ovary
  198. Orchidectomy
    Removal of both or one testis
  199. Orchidotomy
    Incision made into the testis
  200. Orchiepididymitis
    Inflammation of the epididymis and testis
  201. Orchioplasty
    Repair of the testis
  202. Orchitis
    Inflammation of the testicle
  203. Overt
    Something that is openly displayed or obvious
  204. Oximeter
    A device used to measure oxygen saturation of the blood
  205. Pachyderma
    Increased thickness of the skin
  206. Parameter
    A limit or boundary; in math, it is an arbitrary value that is used to describe a statistical population
  207. Paroxysmal
    Characterized by a sudden fit or attack of symptoms; may be a sudden emotion or uncontrollable action
  208. Paroxysm
    Sudden attack
  209. Pathogenic
    Disease causing
  210. Pathologist
    Individual who studies pathology
  211. Pediculosis
    Condition of lice
  212. Percutaneous
    Penetrating the skin
  213. Pleuitis
    Inflammation of the pleura
  214. Pneumatocele
    Hernia associated with the lung
  215. Pneumoconiosis
    Dust in the lung's condition
  216. Pneumonia
    Disease of the lung related to infection
  217. Pneumothorax
    Air in the chest resulting in the collapse of a lung
  218. Posterior
    Related to the rear/ back position
  219. Potent
    Able to copulate as a male; refers to something this is chemically or medically effective
  220. Potential
    Having the possibility of becoming reality
  221. Precaution
    The act of taking care in advance; refers to measures taken in advance in order to prevent harm
  222. Precipitous
    Very steep or difficult to climb or overcome
  223. Predispose
    To dispose in advance of or to make susceptible to
  224. Preexisting
    The state of existing before or previous to something else
  225. Primary
    First in order; a rank of importance
  226. Priority
    The state of being before; coming first in order of date or position; a preferential rating
  227. Prognosis
    Opinion of an individual about outcomes; the possibility of recovery after the diagnosis of an illness or disease
  228. Pruritus
    Uncontrollable itching
  229. Pyelolithotomy
    Incision to remove a stone from the renal pelvis
  230. Pyeloplasty
    Repair of the renal pelvis
  231. Pyosalpinx
    Pus in the fallopian tube
  232. Pyuria
    Pus in the urine
  233. Rationale
    An explanation regarding the principles; opinions beliefs, or practices held by a specific party
  234. Recur
    Something that is revisited for consideration; a thought or idea that enters one's mind for a second time
  235. Restrict
    To confine something or someone within specific limitations or boundaries
  236. Retain
    To keep in one's possession; to maintain an item or person in security
  237. Rhabdomyosarcoma
    Tumor made of striated muscle cells
  238. Rhinitis
    Inflammation of the nose
  239. Rhinorrhagia
    Bleeding from the nose
  240. Rhinorrhea
    Nose discharge
  241. Rhytidectomy
    Removal of wrinkles in the skin
  242. Rhytidoplasty
    Repair of wrinkles in the skin
  243. Salpingocele
    Fallopian tube hernia
  244. Sarcoma
    Tumor made up of connective tissue
  245. Scleroderma
    Hardening of connective tissue, related to disease of various organs
  246. Sebrorrhea
    Elevated production of sebum
  247. Site
    The physical location of a structure; the physical space reserved for a building; the place or scene of an occurence
  248. Somatic
    related to the body
  249. Somatopathy
    Disease related to the body
  250. Somatoplasm
    Element of the body
  251. Spirometer
    Device used to measure breathing capacity
  252. Spirometry
    Taking a measurement of breathing capacity
  253. Status
    The position or rank held in relation to others; a person or object's condition with respect to circumstances
  254. Strict
    Inflexible; maintained in such a manner that cannot be changed or altered
  255. Subcontaneous
    Underneath the skin
  256. Superior
    Elevated above a point of origin
  257. Supplement
    an item that completes something else
  258. Suppress
    To restrain by authority or force; to omit something from memory; to keep from public knowledge
  259. Symmetric
    exhibiting symmetry; capable of being divided by a longitudinal plane into equal sections
  260. Symptom
    the evidence of a disease or illness; the presence of a symptom is indicative of something else
  261. Syphilis
    A type of sexually transmitted disease
  262. Systemic
  263. Thoracalgia
    Pain located in the hes
  264. Tracheitis
    Inflammation of the trachea
  265. Tracheostenois
    Reduced trachea size
  266. Trichomyosis
    Fungal condition in hair
  267. Ungual
    Related to the nail
  268. Unilateral
    On one side of the body
  269. Untoward
    Difficult to manage; marked by trouble or unpleasantness
  270. Uremia
    Blood in the urine
  271. Ureterectomy
    Removal of a ureter
  272. Ureteritis
    Inflammation of the ureter
  273. Ureterocele
    Ureter protrussion
  274. Ureterolithiasis
    Stones in the ureter
  275. Ureterostenosis
    Decreased diameter of the ureter
  276. Urethrocystitis
    Inflammation of the bladder
  277. Urinate
    To expel urine
  278. Urology
    Study of the urinary system
  279. Vaginitis
    Inflammation of the vagina
  280. Variocele
    Enlarged veins of the spermatic cord
  281. Vasectomy
    Removal of a duct
  282. Ventral
    Related to an anterior position
  283. Visceral
    Related to the internal organ systems
  284. Vital
    Necessary or essential to the existence of life
  285. Void
    Not occupied or empty; of no legal force or effect
  286. Vulvovaginitis
    Inflammation of the vagina and vulva
  287. Xanthochromic
    Related to yellow coloring
  288. Xanthoderma
    Jaundice like skin
  289. Xanthosis
    Condition of yellow coloring present that is aberrant
  290. Xeroderma
    Skin that is excessively dry
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