Lesson 3

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  1. abtruse
    difficult to understand, recondite, concealed
  2. affable
    friendly, courteous, amiable
  3. audacity
    excessive boldness, rashness, daring
  4. contrite
    extremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant
  5. credulous
    belieing on slight evidence, gullible
  6. depravity
    moral corruption, a wicked or perverse act
  7. deprecate
    to disapprove regretfully, to belittle, to express mild disapproval
  8. didactic
    instructive, designed to teach
  9. dormant
    inactive, sleeping
  10. enigmatic
    mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling
  11. erudite
  12. exotic
    foreign, unfamiliar
  13. fuse
    to mix or to join (usually by melting)
  14. immutable
  15. incorrigible
    incapable of being reformed or improved
  16. loathe
    to detest
  17. mitigate
    to cause to become less hars or hostile; to make less severe
  18. nullify
    to cause not to be in effect, to negate
  19. pacifistic
    opposed to war or use of force
  20. pretentious
    making an extravagant outward show, self-important
  21. prologue
    introductory remakrs in a speech, play or literary work, introductory action
  22. recant
    to withdraw or to repudiate a statement or belief, rvoke
  23. servile
    overly submissive
  24. trepidation
    fear, trembling, agitation
  25. villify
    to malign, to defame, to utter abusive statements against
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