Neuro Eval

  1. What to ask for during a Pt interview
    • Main complaints, new complaints
    • Concerns
    • Goals
    • Clarify and review any items from medical chart
    • Description of "desired" environment at discharge
  2. Systems Review
    • Done by the PT
    • Involves lookin at other body systems tat may affect ability to progress during therapy
    • Ex:
    • cardiopulmonary
    • Bone
    • Sensation
    • Kidneys
  3. Tests and Measures
    • Done by PT in initial ezamination
    • Can be delegated to PTA
  4. Arousal
    • Physiological readiness for activity, characterized by repsonse to stimulation
    • Alert, lethargic, obtunded, stuporous, comatose, persistent vegetative state
  5. Attention
    Awareness to environment and ability to focus on specific stimulus without distraction
  6. Persistent Vegetative State
    Have sleep wake cycles, does not react to environment
  7. Orientation Questions
    person, place, time and situation
  8. St memory questions
    3 words to repeat
  9. LT memory
    Questions about life
  10. Exteroreceptive and Proprioceptie Tests
    • Light touch, pain, temp, deep pressure, vibration, proprioception, kinesthesia
    • Normal = perception same as strong side
    • Impaired = greater than 50% but less than 100%
    • Absent = less than 50% accuracy
  11. Combined Sensations
    2 point discrimination, tactile localization, texture recognition, stereognosis, graphesthesia, barognosis
  12. Muscle Tone
    • PROM: then describe mild, mod, severe
    • Pendulum or drop arm test
    • Modified Ashworth
  13. Strength/ voluntary Movement
    • Describe % of voluntary control
    • MMT if tone is mild
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