Sockets and Slots

  1. Slot A
    • AMD's Card Module
    • AMD Athlon
    • Not popular
  2. Socket 7
    PGA, SPGA with 321 pins, and PGA, SPGA, and FC-PGA with 296 pins.

    AMD K5 and K6, Cyrix 6x86, Pentium, and Pentium MMX.

    First socket to support dual voltage inputs, which support the various core and I/O voltages introduced with the Pentium MMX processors. Socket 7 has one more hole than Socket 5, but is not electrically connected. It simply prevents a new CPU frm being plugged into a Socket 5 socket.
  3. Socket 423
    • 423-pin SPGA and FC-PGA, OOI
    • Pentium 4
    • Short lived. Used in early Pentium 4 processors
  4. Slot 1
    • SECC, SECC2, SEP with 242 contacts.
    • Pentium II, early Celeron, and Pentium III
    • Edge connector slot developed specifically for the SECC, SECC2, and SEP packages.
  5. Slot 2
    • SECC, SECC2, SEP with 330 contacts.
    • Pentium II and Xeon
    • Similar to Slot 1, but the CPU can communicate with the Level II cache at full CPU speed, rather than at the half-speed supported through Slot 1.
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