Childhood Development

  1. What are the domains of development?
    Cognitive, Physical, and Emotional/Social
  2. Describe Physical developments components?
    Body size, proportions, appearance, Body systems functioning, health, perceptual and motor capabilities,
  3. Describe Cognitive Development
    Intellectual Abilities
  4. Describe emotional and social development?
    nEmotional communication

    • nSelf-understanding, knowledge about
    • others

    nInterpersonal skills & relationships

    nMoral reasoning & behavior
  5. Wha are the periods of development?
    Prenatal, Infancy and Toddlerhood, Early Childhood, Middle CHildhood, Adolescense, Emerging Adulthood
  6. Define 'Theory'
    An orderly, integrated set of statements that describes behavior, explaines behavior, predicts behaviors
  7. What are three basic issues in development?
    Continous or discontious? One course of development vs. many possible courses? Relative influence of nature vs nuture?
  8. Visualize the difference between discontinous and continious development?
    Stair steps versus. a slope
  9. Define Nature and Nuture.
    • Nature is inborn, biological givens determined by genetic inheritence.
    • Nuture is how the physical and social worl influence biological and psychological developement.
  10. Stability vs. PLasicity

    • §Individuals high or low in a
    • characteristic remain so at later ages.
    • Early
    • experience may a have lifelong impact


    • Change
    • is possible, based on experiences
  11. What are characteristics of Resilient Children
    §Personal characteristics

    §A warm parental relationship

    • §Social support outside the immediate
    • family

    §Community resources and opportunities
  12. What is the medieval view of child development?
    • Childhood
    • (to age 7 or 8) regarded as separate phase with special needs, protections
  13. Describe the 16th Century view of child development?
    Puritian "Child Depravity" views
  14. Describe 17th Century views on Childhood development?
    John Locke “tabula rasa” or “blank slate” view; continuous development
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