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  1. department list
    • Immunohematology
    • chemistry
    • coagulation
    • hematology
    • urinalysis
    • microbiology
    • serology
  2. what sample type is usually sent to chemistry
    serum (liquid portion of clotted blood)
  3. what tube color goes to chemistry
    red marble (SST) and goldplain red (no Gel) is NOT used for chemistrymint green and green marble (PST)green (no gel) NOT chemistry
  4. gel barrier protects serum from cellular components after ____
  5. what is plasma
    liquid portion of anticoagulated blood.
  6. plasma or serum is used more often because there is no need to wait for clotting?
    plasma is used more for this reason
  7. is plasma or serum perfect for all STAT labs
    plasma, because there is no wait for clotting
  8. does pregnancy use plasma or serum?
  9. therapeutic drug levels are tested on (plasma or serum).
  10. what kind of lab's don't need COW
    waved labs
  11. CLA '88 is
    clinical laboratory improvement act of 88 passed by congress requiring labs to register and pay a fee, and states level of complexity for labs
  12. stool cultures require
    special collection: O & P (ova and parasite
  13. O & P stands for
    ova and parasite
  14. UTI symptoms and test method
    Urine collected symptoms: burning, pain frequency and can cause kidney infection
  15. for rapid strep tests
    • for rapid strep tests take 6 min, easy and waived test for only strep
    • Use Dacron swab
  16. for a throat culture
    • use a cotton swab.
    • takes 2 days and tests for more bacteria
  17. how to prep a site for BC
    • alcohol scrub, then provodone-iodine allow 1 min to dry, wet iodine can cause false negative cause it kills bacteria
    • no repalpating after cleaning BC
  18. when using a butterfly draw to do a BC
    inculcate aerobic first, then anaerobic
  19. which test requires the tops of the culture bottle to be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol
    Blood Culture tests (BC)
  20. when doing a syringe draw which do you inculcate first
    anaerobic then aerobic, because air is at the end of the blood in the syringe
  21. how much do we draw for a blood cultures (BC)
    always a set of 2: aerobic and anaerobicmin of 10 ml per set, at least 5ml per bottle incubated for 5 days before calling BC negative
  22. ____ in human cells may have originally be a OIP parasite but ended up forming a symbiotic relationship
  23. List some OIP
    viruses, certain bacteria including clamydia, rickettsia and coxiella
  24. OIP is
    obligate intracellular parasite, which is a microorganism that can't reproduce outside their host forcing the host to assist in parasite reproduction
  25. ascending infection is
    progressively worsening (includes UTI)
  26. what's an endogenous infection
    a good bug in a bad place. where bacterium that is normal for one area is pathogenic in another area
  27. peptostereptococcus, staphylococcus areaus, staphylococcus epidermis

    salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, ebola, e.coli are all
    1st set is normal flora; 2nd set is pathogenic flora
  28. what does microbiology test for
    bacteria fungus parasites
  29. blood smears should cover _____ of a slide
    2/3 - 3/4 of the slide rounded end, finger shaped and be smooth without streaks or rainbow edge
  30. out of range ESR rates could mean
    • inflammation
    • infection
    • chronic pain
    • arthritis
    • menstrual cycles
    • tress
  31. explain and ESR
    nonspecific test avg <10 mm/hr for men and <20mm/hr for women
  32. ABC
    automated blood count or hemogram has all the elements of CBC except differential and is faster, cheeper and easier
  33. what's the CBC look at
    # of RBC, WBC, and platelets. they count these things. size shape and thickness and other factors including WBC differentials
  34. list some hematology tests
    blood smears, CBC, erythrocyte sedimentation Rate, and ABC (hemogram),
  35. DIC is tested with a ____ test, which goes to
    • disseminated intravascular coagulation which tests for using D-dimer for fibrin degradation products
    • to coagulation
  36. what does the hematology departments do
    study blood cells and uses EDTA whole blood
  37. hemophilia
    is not a lack of platelets, but a lack of one or more clotting factors
  38. what is thrombocytopenia
    decrease in the number of platelets
  39. list 3 platelet disorders
    • 1) thrombocytopenia
    • 2) hemophilia
    • 3)disseminated intravascular coagulation
  40. explain bleeding time
    it's a nonspecific test with 2 parts:adhesion and aggregation (Durk and Ivey)
  41. PTT is for?
    tests for
    activated partial thromboplastin time tests effectiveness of heparin therapy
  42. PT/INR stands for
    prothrombin time International normalized ratio
  43. what does PT test for
    effectiveness of coumadin therapy
  44. what does PT stand for
    prothrombin time AKA pro time.
  45. what does blood banking/immunohematology test for
    match red cross blood units
  46. what's the tube for BB/immunohematology
    • red (no gel) and
    • 2 lavender or 1 pink
  47. how long are BB specimen good
    7 days or 3 if they have had pregnancy, received blood, or surgery in the last 3 months (then it's only good for 3 days)
  48. rhogam
    is given to moms 28 weeks of gestation and 72 hours after birth
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