Protein Function

  1. Enzymatic Proteins
    • slective acceleration of chemical reactions
    • Examples: Digestive enzymes
  2. Structural Proteins
    • Support
    • Examples: silk fibers; collagen and elastin in animal connective tissues; keratin in hair, horns, feathers, and other skin appendages
  3. Storage Proteins
    • Storage of amino acids
    • Examples: ovalbumin in egg white; casein, the protein of milk; storage proteins in plant seeds
  4. Transport Proteins
    • Transport of other substances
    • Examples: Hemoglobin, transport proteins
  5. Hormonal Proteins
    • Coordination of an organism's activities
    • Examples: inslulin; a hormone secreted by the pancreas
  6. Receptor Proteins
    • Response of cell to chemical stimuli
    • Examples: Receptors in nerve cell membranes
  7. Contractile and Motor Proteins
    • Movement
    • Examples: actin and myosin in muscles, protein in cilla and flagella
  8. Defensive Proteins
    • Protection against disease
    • Examples: antibodies combat bacteria and viruses
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Protein Function
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