Chapter Two

  1. What are the Measures of Central Tendency?
    Mode, Median, and Mean
  2. What is the Mode of a data set?
    The value that occurs most often

    • Not every data set has a mode.
    • The Mode is not very stable, changing just one number in a data set can change the Mode dramatically.
  3. What is the central value of an ordered distribution?
    • The median
    • To find it: Order the data
    • For an odd number of data values in the distribution: Median + Middle data value
    • For an even number of data values in the distribution: Sum f middle two values/2 = Median
    • For an ordered data set of size n: Position of the middle value = n+1/2
  4. What is the avearge that uses the exact value of each entry called?
    • The Mean
    • To compute the Mean: Mean = Sum of all entries/Number of entries
  5. What is the notation used to indicate the sum of all data?
  6. What is the symbol used to represent to sum all the entries in the distribution?
    summation symbol
  7. What is the Range?
    The difference between the largest and smallest values of a data distribution.
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Chapter Two