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  1. What are enantiomer?
    isomers that are mirror images of eachother.
  2. what is a carbon that is attached to 4 different atoms or groups of atoms called?
    asymmetric carbon. it is in the middle
  3. what is a characteristic of enantiomers?
    usually one isomer is active while the other in inactve.
  4. what chemical groups are most important in biological processes? which ones act as funtional groups and which is not reactive?
    • -hydroxyl
    • -carbonyl
    • -carboxyl
    • -amino
    • -sulfhydryl
    • -phosphate
    • -methyl

    -the first 6 act as functional groups; they are hydrophiicand thus icrease the soluability of organic compounds in water.

    -methyl is not reactive, but instead often acts as a recognizable tag on biological molecules.
  5. what are functional groups?
    -while different chemical groups contribute to funtion by affecting the molecules shape (such as testosterone and estrodiol) funtional groups the chemical group affects the molecular funtion by being directly involved in the chemical reaction.
  6. hydroxyl
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