Florence Nightingale (4)

  1. How did Florence Nightingale envision nursing?
    • Role of the nurse - to put the client in the best position possible to let nature act upon him
    • To nurse - to be in charge of the personal health of another
    • Nurses to make astute observations about the health and environment of another, record observations, develop knowledge to promote healing
  2. Key events in the life of Florence Nightingale
    • Graduated nursing school in Kaiserwerth, Germany
    • Served the British Army in the Crimean War
    • Established first nursing school in London
    • In 1859, published Notes on Nursing
    • Distinguished Statistician
  3. Florence Nightingale's definition of nursing
    To nurse - to be in charge of the personal health of another
  4. What did Florence Nightingale believe about nursing?
    • Nursing separate from medicine
    • Role of nurse - to put client in best possible position for nature to act upon him
    • Formal training for nurses = what to do and why
    • Advocated teaching symptoms and what they mean
    • Importance of rationale for actions
    • Stressed trained powers of observation and reflection
    • Nurses should record observations, develop knowledge about factors that promote healing
    • Nursing framework emphasizing utilization of empirical knowledge
  5. How did Florence Nightingale view nursing as separate from medicine?
    • Nursing has its own distinct body of knowledge, separate from medicine
    • Nursing education and practice should be driven by nurses
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