Java Ch. 1

  1. Software refers to:
  2. Logical errors are mistakes that cause the program
    to produce erroneous results. (True/False)
  3. Another term for programs is:
  4. Java source files end with the .class extension. (True/False)
  5. The major components of a typical computer system
    consist of:
    • -Secondary storage devices
    • -The CPU
    • -Input/Output devices
    • -Main memory
  6. The contents of a variable cannot be changed while
    the program is running. (True/False)
  7. The two primary methods of programming in use today
    Object Oriented & Procedural
  8. Whereas ________ is centered on creating
    procedures, ________ is centered on creating objects.
    procedural programming; object-oriented programming
  9. A characteristic of ________ is that only an
    object's methods are able to directly access and make the changes to the
    object's data.
    Data Hiding
  10. A computer program is:
    A set of instructions that enable the computer to solve a problem or perform a task
  11. Compiled byte code is also called source code. (True/False)
  12. Application software refers to:
    The programs that make the computer useful to the user.
  13. The data contained in an object is known as
  14. The Java Virtual Machine is a program that reads
    Java byte code instructions and executes them as they are read. (True/False)
  15. In the Programming Process which of the following
    is involved in defining what the program is to do:
    • -Output
    • -Process
    • -Input
    • -Purpose
  16. An Algorithm is:
    A set of well-defined steps for performing a task or solving a problem.
  17. An Applet is:
    A small application.
  18. A Variable is:
    A named storage location in the computer's memory.
  19. Source Code is:
    Programming statements written by the programmer.
  20. Portable means:
    That a program may be written on one type of computer and then run on a wide variety of computers with little or no modification necessary.
  21. An IDE is:
    An Integrated Development Environment.
  22. A Compiler is:
    A program that translates source code into an executable form.
  23. Pseudocode is:
    A cross between human language and a programming language and is especially helpful when designing an algorithm.
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