1. What is the normal range for Mg?
    1.5 to 2.5 mEq/L
  2. What is the abnornal value for hyperMagnesemia?
  3. HyperMg+ is caused when increased intake or ingestion of products containing Mg when what is present?
    • renal failure
    • renal insufficiency
  4. High serum Mg levels ________ neuromuscular & CNS function.
  5. What are the 3 Cardiac clinical manifestations for HyperMg?
    • Bradycardia
    • Hypotension
    • Cardiac Arrest
  6. What are the 2 CNS clinical manifestations for HyperMg?
    • Drowsiness
    • Lethergy
  7. What are the 2 most common ways to treat HyperMg?
    • Fluids
    • Diuretics
  8. A pt has a Mg serium level >2.5 and is having cardiac complications, what would be the best way to treat this?
    • IV CaCl or
    • Calcium gluconate
  9. What would be a good thing to teach a cient with HyperMg?
    avoid excess consumption of antiacids that contain Mg
  10. What is the abnormal value for HypoMg?
  11. HypoMg is caused by prolonged what?
    fasting or starvation
  12. HypoMg is caused by chronic what?
  13. HypoMg is caused by fluid what?
  14. HyppoMg is caused by decreased ______ and increase Mg _____, such as?
    • intake
    • loss
    • malnutrition
    • Crohn's disease
  15. HypoMg is caused by certian meds such as?
    • Diuretics
    • chemotherapy
    • blood products
  16. A pts with HypoMg would have a positive what?
    Trousseau's and Chvostek's sign
  17. A pt with HypoMg would have decreased what?
    GI motility
  18. What 2 major cardiac problems would a pt have who had HypoMg?
    • Cardiac dysrhythmias
    • HTN
  19. When treating HypoMg you want to give oral what?
  20. When treating HypoMg you want to increase what? (give examples)
    • dietary intake
    • spinach, avocado, tuna fish
  21. When treating HypoMg you want to discontinue what?
    loop diuretics
  22. When HypoMg is severe treat it by giving what?
    IV Mg sulfate
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