1. What is the mid-ocean ridge?
    The chain of mountains that extends into all of Earth's oceans and is the longest mountain chain
  2. The feature on the ocean floor where the oceanic crust bends downward is the...
    Deep-ocean trench
  3. What is Sea-Floor Spreading??
    The process that continually adds new material to the ocean floor

    Evidence of the process are from : drilling samples, Molten Material and magnetic stripes
  4. What is the process by which the mantle sinks into the deep-ocean trench, removing material??
  5. What is a Divergent boundary??
    The place where two plates move apart
  6. Which way do divergent boundaries move??
    • <------ ------>
    • Apart in opposite directions
  7. What're convergent boundaries??
    The place where two plates come together, or collide

    • 3 examples: Continental .vs.Continental
    • Continental .vs. Oceanic
    • Oceanic .vs. Oceanic
  8. Which do convergent boundaries move??
    • -------><-------
    • They collide into each other
  9. A transform Boundary is...
    A place where plates are slipping past each other, moving in opposite directions
  10. How do transform boundaries move??
    • <-------
    • ------->
    • They move past, grinding each other
  11. What happens as a result of a divergent boundary??
    ocean floor spreading
  12. What happens as a result of transform boundaries??
  13. What happens as a result of convergent boundaries??
    • Continental .vs. Continental: mountains (Himalayas)
    • Continental .vs. Oceanic: Subduction, trench, volcano (Andes Mountains)
    • Oceanic .vs. Oceanic: Subduction, trench, volcano (Indonesia)
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