Money and Banking

  1. Financial Markets
    generate prices whenever ecurities are bought or sold.
  2. Financial Institutions
    value financial assets whenever making loans to businesses or consumers.
  3. Money refers to...
    greenbacks (cash), but more boardly the monetary economy.
  4. Banking refers to...
    banks, and other financial intermediaries. Financial intermediaries take money from one group of investors and redeploy those funds by investing in financial assets
  5. FDIC
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Works in the public sector and focuses on the safety of the banking market rather than profit.
  6. Bank Examiner (FDIC)
    Reviews a commerical bank's books to determine wheter loans with delinquent payments impair the bank's capital.
  7. Loan officer (Commerical)
    Examines a prospective borrower's books to detmine whether timely repayments of intrest and principal will add to the bank's profit.
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Money and Banking
Money and Banking