hw 10 &11

  1. term for bluish in color
  2. thinnest area of a properly made blood smear where a differential is performed
  3. disorder characterized by an inherited inability to metabolize milk and sugar
  4. fluid in the tissue spaces between the cells
    interstitial fluid
  5. inherited metabolic disorder detected through newborn screening
  6. equipment used for a malaria test
    glass slide
  7. analytes lower in capillary specimen
    calcium, glucose, and heoglobin
  8. maximum depth for heel puncture
  9. what cleansing agent would be the worst to use on a dermal puncture
    providone iodine because it would interfere w/bilirubin, uric acid, phosphorus, and potassium tests
  10. pain fibers increase below
    2.4 mm
  11. wipe away the first drop of blood during capillary puncture to

    D) all of the above
  12. don't use providone-iodine to clean a site because it interferes w/

    D) all of the above
  13. blood smears using EDTA should be prepared within
    1 hours
  14. an infant bilirubin specimen is collected in an amber microcontainer to
    reduce the chance of hemolysis
  15. ACT
    activated clot time
  16. with air or able to live only in the presence of oxygen
  17. without air or able to live only without oxygen
  18. ARD
    antimicrobial removal device
  19. donating blood for one's own use
  20. BAC
    blood alcohol content
  21. microorganisms or toxins in the blood
  22. bacteria in the blood
  23. detailed documentation for forensic specimens collections
    chain of custody
  24. FUO
    FEVER OF unknown origin
  25. decreased blood sugar levels
  26. increased potassium
  27. increased blood sodium
  28. NIDA
    national institute of drub abuse
  29. microorganism and toxins in the blood
  30. a fasting specimen for a GTT is drawn
    before the test has actually begone
  31. which tube additive is preferred for blood culture specimen
    sodium polyanethol sulfonate
  32. withdrawing a unit of blood from a patient for therapeutic purposes is used as a treatment for

    B) polycythemia
  33. a bleeding time test is used for
    detection of platelet function disorders
  34. cleaning the bottle tops w/isopropyl alcohol is required for which test
    BC using a chloroprep kit
  35. peak and trough specimens are collected for
    therapeutic drug monitoring
  36. postpradial means
    after a meal
  37. which cleansing product is used for blood alcohol tests
    benzalkonium chloride
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