1. What are the four body planes?
    sagittal, coronal, horizontal(transverse), and oblique
  2. Sagittal Plane
    Divides the body into right and left segments
  3. Midsagittal plane
    Divides the body into EQUAL right and left halves
  4. Coronal Plane
    Divides the body into anterior and posterior segments
  5. Midcoronal Plane
    divide the body into EQUAL anterior and posterior halves
  6. Horizontal (transverse) Plane
    passes crosswise through the body at right angles to the longitudinal axis
  7. Other names for the horizontal plane
    transverse, axial, and cross-sectional
  8. Oblique Plane
    can pass through the body at any angle
  9. What are Plane used for in radiology
    used to center the CR, body part and the IR
  10. What are the two special planes
    interiliac and occlusal planes
  11. Interiliac Plane
    transects the pelvis at the top of the iliac crests at the level of the fourth lumbar spinous process
  12. What is the interilic planes used for in positioning
    postioning of the lumbar spine, sacrum, and coccyx
  13. Occlusal plane
    formed by the biting surface of the upper and lower teeth with the jaw closed
  14. How is the occlusal plane used in positioning
    positioning of the odontoid process and some head projections
  15. What are the abd quadrants
  16. What planes are used in dividing the quadrants
    midsagittal and transverse planes
  17. Where do the transverse and midsagittal planes intersect to form the abd quadrants
    at the umbilicus
  18. Who many abd regions are there
  19. What are the three groups of abd regions
    Superior, middle, and inferior
  20. What are the three areas in the superior abd region
    • right hypochondrium
    • epigastrium
    • left hypochondrium
  21. What are the three areas in the middle abd region
    • right lateral
    • umbilical
    • left lateral
  22. What are the three areas in the inferior abd region
    • right inguinal
    • hypogastrium
    • left inguinal
  23. The mastoid tip lines up with what structure
  24. C1 lines up with what external structure
    mastoid tip
  25. The Gonion or angle of the mandible lines up with what structure
    C2, C3
  26. C2, C3 lines up with what external structure
    gonoid/angle of mandible
  27. hyoid bone lines up with
    C3, C4
  28. C3, C4 lines up with
    hyoid bone
  29. thyroid cartilage lines up with
  30. C5 lines up with
    thyroid cartilage
  31. vertebra prominens lines up with
    C7, T1
  32. C7, T1 lines up with
    vertebra prominens
  33. Approx 2" above jugular notch lines up with
  34. T1 lines up with
    approx 2" above the jugular notch
  35. jugular notch lines up with
    T2, T3
  36. T2, T3 lines up with
    jugular notch
  37. sternal angle lines up with
    T4, T5
  38. T4, T5 lines up with
    sternal angle
  39. inferior angles of scapulae lines up with
  40. T7 lines up with
    inferior angles of scapular lines
  41. xiphoid process lines up with
    T9, T10
  42. T9, T10 lines up with
    xiphoid process
  43. Inferior costal margin
    L2, L3
  44. L2, L3 lines up with
    inferior costal margin
  45. level of superiormost aspect of iliac crests lines up with
    L4, L5
  46. L4, L5 lines up with
    superiormost aspect of iliac crests
  47. level of anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) lines up with
    S1, S2
  48. S1, S2 lines up with
    anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)
  49. pubic symphysis and greater trochanter lines up with
  50. coccyx lines up with
    pubic symphysis and greater trochanter
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