1. IL-1
    • Secreted: Macrophages, monocytes, endothelial cells and epithelial cells
    • Effects: Pyrogenic(hypothalamus), inflammation(vasculature) acute phase proteins (liver).
    • Activate Th, proliferation of B cells, activation of NK cells, Inc ICAM expression on vascular endothelial cells, chemotactic for macrophages and neutrophils.
    • INNATE
    • IL1 & TNFa lead to shock syndromes.
  2. IL 2
    • Secretion: T cells
    • Effect: T cell proliferation, AICD promotion, NK cell activation and proliferation, B-cell proliferation.
  3. IL 3
    • Secretion: Th1 and Th2
    • Effect: Hematopoietic
    • Proinflmmatory and mast cell stimulatory fx
  4. IL 4
    • Secretion: Th2, mast cells
    • Effect: Bcell differentiation into IgG1 then to IgE
    • T cell proliferation into Th2 cells
    • Upregulate MHC II expression on macrophages
    • Stimulate mast cell growth
    • (Lepromatous leprosy)
  5. IL 5
    • Secretion: Th2
    • Effect: B cell differentiation in isotype into IgE with IL-4.
    • Regulator of eosinophil accumulation in tissues
  6. IL 6
    • Secretion: Macrophages and endothelial cells
    • Effect: Hematopoietic, acute phase protein mannan lectin (liver), proliferation and antibody secretion of B cells
    • Stimulate ab secretion by plasma cells
    • Myeloid stem cell differentiation
    • INNATE
  7. IL 7
    • Secretion: BM stromal cells and thymocytes
    • Effect: Hematopoiesis
    • B cell development and proliferation
    • T and NK cell development, maturation, and survival
    • Induction of proinflammatory cytokines IL-6 and IL-1
  8. IL 8
    • Effect: Chemokine (neutrophil chemoattractant factor)
    • Secreted by TLRs involved in innate immune defense.
    • Angiogenic factor
  9. IL 9
    • Secretion: Th2
    • Effect: Stim release of IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-11
    • Stimulate cytotoxicity of CTLs and NK cells (apoptosis)
    • May be involved in asthma pathogenesis
  10. IL 10
    • Secretion: Activated T cells, Th2 monocytes, mast cells Effect: Anti-inflammatory
    • Promotion of B cell proliferation
  11. IL-11
    • Secretion: Stromal cells
    • Effect: Hematopoietic (megakaryocyte proliferation)
    • Bone cell differentiation and proliferation (possible osteoporosis treatment)
    • proinflammatory
    • Production of acute phase proteins by hepatocytes
  12. IL 12
    • Secretion Site: Macrophages, dendritic cells
    • Effect: Tcell differentiation into Th 1 cells, NK cells
    • Costimulator of Th1- expression of IL-2R, secretion of IL-2, INF-gamma
    • INNATE
    • (Tuberculoid Leprosy)
  13. IL 13
    • Secretion: Th2 cells
    • Effect: Promote IgE production
    • antiinflammatory
  14. IL 14
    • (BCGF)
    • B cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma- hyperproduction of IL-14
  15. IFN-a
    • Secretion: Macrophages
    • Effect: antiviral state and MHC I expression (nucleated cells), NK cell activation
    • INNATE
    • Roferon: Treat chronic hepatitis, and Kaposi's sarcoma
    • MOA: Inhibits viral replication, supresses cell proliferation
  16. IFN-B
    • Secretion: Fibroblasts
    • Effect: antiviral state and MHC I expression (nucleated cells), NK cell activation
    • INNATE
    • Avonex: Treat Multiple Sclerosis
    • MOA: Anitviral, cytostatic for tumor cells, stimulation of B cells, Pyretic
  17. TGF-B
    • Secretion: T cells, macrophages, etc.
    • Effect: Inihibts T cell and B cell proliferation, promotes isotype switch to IgE, inhibits macrophages
  18. IFN-gamma
    • Secretion: Th1, CD8+, NK cells
    • Effect: activate macrophages, inc MHC I & II expression, inc antigen presentaton
    • Actimmune: Treatment of Chronic granulomatous Disease
    • MOA: Antiviral, cytostatic for tumor cells, activation of phagocytes (superoxide production, MHC II expression), pyretic, acute phase protein induction, inc MHC expression
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