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  1. anticoagulant with yellow top used for immunohematology tests such as DNA and HLA typing
    Acid citrate dextrose (ACD)
  2. substance added to a blood collection tube
  3. substance that prevents blood from clotting
  4. additive that prevents the breakdown of glucose by cells
    grey tube antiglycolytic agent
  5. substance used for skin cleaning that inhibits the growth of bacteria
  6. point of the needle that is cut on a slant for ease of skin entry
  7. winged infusion blood collection set
    butterfly needlle
  8. coagulation enhancing substance such as silica
    clot activator
  9. solution used to kill microorganisms of surfaces and instruments
  10. anticoagulant that preserves cell shape and structure and inhibits platelet clumping
  11. abbreviation for the collection system typically used for routine venipuncture
  12. premeasured vacum that is color coded based on instruments
    evacuated tube
  13. number that is related to diameter of needle lumen (smaller size = larger lumen)
  14. breakdown of metabolism of glucose by blood cells
  15. anticoagulant that inhibits the formation of thrombin
  16. back of a needle that attaches to the blood collection device
  17. type of needle used when collecting blood with a syringe
    hypodermic needle
  18. type of needle used to collect several tubes during a single venipuncture
    multisample needle
  19. anticoagulant commonly used with and antiglycolytic agent
    potassium oxalate
  20. synthetic substance used to separate cells from serum or plasma
  21. additive used in blood culture collection
    sodium ictrate
  22. most common antiglycoltic agent
    sodium fluoride
  23. gold plastic tubes, molted red/grey tubes are
  24. gel that separates cells from serum or plasma after centrifugation
    thixotropic gel
  25. gauge of needle that is considered standard for venipuncture
    green 21 gauge
  26. needle gauge and color
    • yellow 20
    • green 21
    • black 22
    • blue 23
  27. the most common, direct, and efficient means of venipuncture is
    ETS needle and tube holder
  28. best choice equipment for drawing a small hand vein
    23 gauge butterfly and ETS holder
  29. which of the following is required for collecting blood w/a syringe

    A) transfer device
  30. tube color typically used to collect plasma for stat chemistry specimen
  31. what department does light blue tubes usually get sent
  32. order of draw for venipuncture
    • sterile
    • light blue
    • Red series: Red before SST (yellow),
    • Green series: PST (mint) before green
    • lavender
    • grey
  33. order of draw for dermal puncture
    • lavender
    • other anticoagulant
    • coagulant
  34. what tube's blood to additive is 9:1 ratio, and most critical
  35. what tube provides physical barrier to prevent glycolysis
    sodium fluoride
  36. which of the following tube contains an anticoagulant that works by binding calcium

    D) light blue
  37. what's the purpose of a royal blue tube
    minimize trace element contamination
  38. how long does it take for silica or celite to clot
    15-30 min
  39. how long does thrombin take to clot
    5 minutes
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