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    Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Swing, 1766. Oil on Canvas. In this painting epitomizing Rococo style, pastel colors and sof light compliment a sensuous scene in which a young lady flirtatiously kicks off her shoe ata statue of cupid while her lover watches.
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    Germain Boffrand, Salon de la Princesse, with painting by Charles-Joseph Natoire and Sculture by J.B. Lemoine, Hotel de Soubise, Paris, France, 1737-1740
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    Francois De Cuvillies, Hall of Mirrors, the Amalienburg, Nymphenburg Palace park, Munich, Germany, early 18th century.
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    Antoine Watteau, L'Indifferent, ca. 1716. Oil on canvas, Louvere, Paris
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    Antoine Watteau, Pilgrimage to Cynthera, 1717. Oil on canvas, Louvere, Paris.
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    Francois Boucher, Cipid a Captive, 1754. Oil on canvas, London
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    Giambattista Tiepolo, Apotheosis of the Pisani Family, ceiling fresco. Italy, 1761-1762
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