Roman History

  1. What sea lies due east of the Italian peninsula?
    Adriatic sea
  2. What great river runs east along the northern part of the Italian Peninsula?
    Po River
  3. What river runs through Rome?
    Tiber River
  4. What sea lies north of the toe of Italy?
    Tyrrhenian Sea
  5. Between 600 and 509 B.C. Rome was ruled by what type of government?
  6. The swampy valley below the Palatine Hill was drained, making what meeting place?
  7. According to legend, the son of the last Roman King attacked a roman woman named Lucretia. After the overthrow of the king tradition held that, without any trial, what could happen to any Roman that made himself king?
    He could be killed
  8. In 509 B.C. Rome established what type of government?
  9. Romans emphasized discipline, strength, and loyalty. What term was used for a person that possessed these qualities?
  10. He had complete power over his family. He controlled all family property, sell a family member into slavery or even kill a family member under the law. What term refers to this eldest man of the family?
    Pater Familias
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Roman History
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