Geography Terms

  1. archipelagio
    a group or chain of many islands in a sea (usually shaped like an arch)
  2. arm
    An inlet from the sea or other body of water.
  3. altitude
    elevation or height above sea level
  4. bank
    The steep or sloping border of a stream.
  5. atoll
    a small island the shape of a ring or horseshoe formed by deposits of coral sea animals.
  6. basin
    a low place in the surface of the land, usually with a body of water occupying the lowest part.
  7. bay
    any inlet of the ocean or part of the ocean bordering on land and partly surrounded by land.
  8. bayou
    a slow, sluggish stream; usually used to describe inlets from the Gulf of Mexico or from the Mississippi River
  9. beach
    the pebbly or sandy shore of the sea or of a lake that is washed by the waves
  10. bluff
    A very steep and broad hill or small cliff, frequently next to a river or ocean.
  11. bog
    very wet, spongy ground not able to support much weight, usually made up of decayed plants
  12. branch
    a small stream or creek emptying into a larger stream
  13. breaker
    waves breaking into foam as they approach or dash against the shore
  14. brink
    the very edge at the top of a bluff, cliff, or precipice
  15. brook
    A natural freshwater stream smaller than a river or creek.
  16. canal
    a constructed channel filled with water used for navigation, irrigation, or drainage
  17. canyon
    a deep, narrow valley having high, steep slopes
  18. cape
    A point or head of land projecting into a body of water.
  19. cave
    a deep, hollowed-out area under the earth's surface
  20. cavern
    a large cave of room size or larger.
  21. channel
    a narrow strip of water
  22. chasm
    an empty, deep gap in the surface of the earth
  23. cinder cone
    a cone-shaped mass of material made by volcanic eruption
  24. cliff
    the steep, rocky face of a bluff
  25. coast
    land along the sea
  26. continent
    any one of the seven largest areas of land on the earth's surface
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